10 Year Reunion Recap

Wow, what a tremendous 10 Year Reunion. Over 200 of our classmates attended, making ours the largest Wharton class reunion ever. And I think most would agree, it was a heck of a good time as well.

Now that’s it’s been a few weeks since the reunion, everyone’s photos should now be developed. Let’s not let all the memories of such a great weekend pass too quickly. To help preserve a record of all those good times, we’ve started an online scrapbook where you can post your reunion photos and weekend highlights. For all those who attended, we think it will be a great way to let others know what the highlight of your weekend was. For those who couldn’t make it, we hope it can be a kind of virtual reunion that keeps you in the loop. So please take a moment to let us in on your reunion weekend stories and photos. Everyone will certainly appreciate your doing so.



Chris Malone