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Our WG’91 Gathering in Central London at The Reform Club on Friday, March 1st is fast approaching. The following classmates have already registered to attend: Bill Safran, Burt Rea, Cleon Papadopoulos, Cyrille Arnoud, Diane McGrath, Ed Cappabianca, Julian Critchlow, Mike de Vegvar, Nicolas CaronNoreena HertzPetter Norstrand, Tina (Winfield) AchkarVesa Vanhanen and Vijay SharmaAlong with spouses, partners and friends, we have 25 people coming from 6 different countries.

You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to reconnect and catch up with WG’91 classmates!  Review more event details and register to attend here.

Recent Submissions

April 09, 2024 Watts, Colin Frederick

Greetings - my wife and I officially entered our "empty nester" phase ... so I decided to go back to work. I've joined Thorne, a leading scientific wellness company, as CEO. Thorne is located in NY and Charleston, SC which fits perfectly with our split living in both locations. Excited by the new challenge.

April 01, 2024 Stein, Carol Ann

My children published their first Neurodivergent guidebook: KidsRead2Kids Presents, Amazing Tales! Available on Amazon here: This empowering guide is brimming with insights, tips, tools, healthy recipes, STEM activities, How-to videos, and real-life stories designed to help Neurodivergent kids, tweens, and teens—and their parents, teachers, and caregivers—be successful in and out of school.   Check out this interactive, inclusive book, developed to bring joy and confidence to struggling readers and all kinds of learners.  This comprehensive guide took over three years and has won the 2024 Parents Pick award for best middle and high school product. My high school senior, Reuben, is the book's Illustrator! Please help us reach our goal of getting our book into the hands of every teacher, school psychologist, and student! No child should ever feel broken.

April 01, 2024 Braum, Lutz O

2024 so far has been a good time for me to re-connect with fellow Cohort B members. I met up with Tom Heule in Beaver Creek, Scott Shaw in DC, Wayne Patton in VA, and Peter Ax in Phoenix, and with John Fadool and Steve Collins via zoom. How come everyone still looks the same as in '91!?!