October 15th, 2002

Mark Stone: We – Meg (Williams WG92), Alex and Katie – just relocated back east. We are now living in Scituate, MA (south shore of Boston) and doing very well. I took over as CEO of Sentient Jet (formally eBizJets) the leader in the fastest growing segment of the private jet services industry. Opposite the tech world from which I came, we are growing 100%+ year over year. I recently celebrated Andy Joakim’s 40th birthday in NYC with Mike Ryan and Greg Case. Mike Ryan welcomed twin boys to the world on October 2.

Carrie Ericson: Ed and I are counting down the days to baby #3 and this time its a girl!!

That makes 2 boys and 1 girl. Due Oct 25, 2002. I thought for sure I was going to join the ‘my three sons’ club with some of our other classmates. We are very excited. After this arrival, the minivan is definitely full! I’m back at AT Kearney (they bought the start-up I was running) in San Francisco co-leading their Procurement Solutions practice. Exciting times.

Kris Aasted: Late last year I started my own retained executive search firm http://www.aasted.cc/. We’ve done well, despite the poor economy, and continue to grow with a focus on the enterprise software and data storage industries. My wife and I welcomed our daughter Ellie into the world last December. Erik, now four, is her proud big brother.

PM Steckmest: I’ve changed jobs within same field, and become the property and development manager for AS Oslo Sporveier, which is the public company in Oslo dealing with all forms of public transportation (subway, trams and buses). Still the happy father to Michael who turned 3 on October 3, 2002. Went to the recruitment event for Wharton in Oslo. Hoping to see old friends traveling through Oslo, giving notice to get better time.

Tyler Hathaway: Due to increased US military commitments around the world since last September, I’ve been called to active duty with the US Army in Bosnia. I took leave of my family and my trading job in New York in May to begin the train-up, and I arrived here in the Serb Republic “entity” of Bosnia-Herzegovina in August. I expect to be here till sometime in March. As you might imagine, mail from “home” is always welcome. My address is: 1LT Tyler Hathaway, Troop A, 1, 104th Cavalry, Operation Joint Forge, FOB Morgan, APO AE 09789 (USA) or tyler.hathaway@us.army.mil.

Jeff Varick: I’m currently living in Ann Arbor, working for Johnson Controls in their (surprise) automotive business. Rich Pirrotta and I have both made the prodigal son trips back to Michigan in the past two years, along with Jeff Walter and his wife Sandy, who arrived in Ann Arbor about the same time I did. At JCI, I recently “built to order” my own dream job by designing and starting a new licensing business for technologies from our innovation group. Prior to that I’d been Marketing Director and then New Product Strategy Director. For several years now I’ve been active in another start-up, a non-profit organization called WaterPartners that channels donations from individuals to only the most sustainable developing country safe drinking water projects. Earlier this year I was elected Chairman of the Board, and it’s been an immensely satisfying involvement. You can check us out at http://www.water.org/.

Sean Crotty: I’m still doing the high-tech thing in Silicon Valley (ever since graduation!), most recently as Director of Product Marketing for Ion Systems in Berkeley. After our second round of layoffs, I’m now job hunting for technology marketing positions in Northern California. Living in Palo Alto. Not yet married; no children. Enjoying the sun. In touch with Richard & Stowe Sprague and Bret Sewell, who’re in the area and doing well. My contact info: crotty@usa.net, (650) 494 – 6493.

Natasha Quist: Well guess who I saw shimmying down to Latin music on a boat cruise on the Seine?? The Hollingberries….George and Janette. It was like the WALASA for the middle-aged!! We had been invited to Tina Winfield’s 40th birthday bash on board the “Mise en Scene” Parisenne Peniche. No expenses were spared….music, food, dancing…fabulous !!. It seems both George Hollingbery and Tina Winfield Achkar are taking a turn into politics. George will run for parliament. How exciting is that? I do believe for Winchester and I do believe for the Conservative party….but I could be wrong, the way he dances makes me think he is rather Liberal. Tina is frequently on the British radio trying to explain American Foreign policy to the Brits. I watched her crucify a Frenchman who accused George Bush of being a war monger. She is currently working on her diplomatic skills, you simply can’t use phrases like “we American’s no longer care what you frogs think”. Tina has 3 lovely boys and I have seen them all. George and Janette claim that they have 3 girls – I’ll believe that when I see them. Dawn Hines just moved in to a palatial apartment on Amsterdam’s Museumplein. From her sitting room window you can see the Rijks and the Van Gogh museums. Her biggest current problem is picking the right curtains for her 15 windows. Make sure you get yourself invited, she is now a great cook and hostess (not the case at Wharton) . Luc Sagnet made a recent appearance at an Insead/Fontainbleau BBQ. He had that look of a banker with a baby….exhausted, delirious. Luc has been threatening to organize a European Thanksgiving dinner in the South of France. However he seems to be having trouble mobilizing the Wharton London contingent. They are all using their kids as the excuse not to travel. Renauld Jezequel and Mary Minowada are immobile because their son Nicolas has Eton Prep classes every day. They don’t want him to fall behind even though he has already jumped a grade and is learning Latin with 3 year olds. Ted Bissell has the most extraordinarily handsome son. Not that Ted is not a “looker” but his wife Tita did an amazing job. Guy Hurley has apparently simmered down and is a super dad and husband – source of information is unconfirmed. Bill Safron still prefers horses over women – Information source confirmed. I saw Ludvico Manfredi cruising down Avenue Victor Hugo just two steps from the Arc de Triumph. He must not have recognized me as he ignored my frantic waves. Perhaps it was the Nike sweat-pant ensemble. Mark Stucklemanwas also spotted on the Champs Elysees. It is still not clear what his travel motive was…..but it certainly was not business. The word is he was meeting Lorrie King! Lorrie unfortunately mixed up the dates and was here a month too soon – she was too excited. The gorgeous Nicolas Caron has been rumored to be back on the Paris scene. Apparently he has been denying that he has an MBA as business acumen is NOT considered de rigueur in the Paris jet set circles. Feico Elhorst is getting married in November. Even though he is marrying a tall gorgeous Dutch woman of noble blood, he’s trying to keep the wedding a secret, since in Holland it is uncool to get married until you have at least two children. Vicki Guy Burns, hubbie Andrew and son Scott are continuing their diplomatic life at the OECD. They live and work in the poshest arrondisment in Paris. When not out drinking and hobnobbing with OECD top brass, Vicki pushes the envelope by parking (diplomatic plates — of course) in crosswalks and firelanes. Some hot scoop……Art Karloff and Phil Fine are threatening to re-enact the Big Chill this Christmas in Sunny Florida. They will be staying with Rich and Monica Avellaneda-Canon – they just haven’t informed Rich and Monica YET! I was finally promoted to Senior Food Critic for www.Paris-Exchange.com but I still have to moonlight at Nike to support the habit.