October 15, 2003

Trish Malbon Wilbourne: We will be moving to Virginia Beach in August, 2003. We are moving to there to give my mother some assistance as she gets older. I will start a small consulting practice in Virginia Beach. Doug is going to work with a company called Gold Key Resorts as a CIO essentially. Morganne is now almost 6 and will start first grade in September. David is 4 and will go to a preschool that his cousin attends as well. They are both excited about the move, as are Doug and I. We have a new address and telephone number as follows:

503 West Holly Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Tel: 757-422-6666

Tatsuya Suzuki: Address: Park Court Tsurumaki 208, 3-22-25 Tsurumaki, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0016, Japan, Tel: 81-3-3428-8807 ,Goldman Sachs (Strategic Transaction Group), Office tel: 3589-9784

Lucinda Duncalfe Holt: At the end of last year we wound down Destiny. I still serve as the Chairman, but all that we’re doing now is working to return as much capital as possible to our venture capitalists. Not the outcome any of us had hoped for, but not as bad as it could have been, given the .com bust. In happier news, I delivered our second daughter, Indea Anjali Holt, on 5/12. Having the whole summer off with Indea and her sister Emma, who is three, was terrific. Now I’m looking for my next opportunity, most likely in a VC-backed technology company here in the Mid-Atlantic, Boston, or Bay
areas. Cheers!

Lorrie King: I’ve recently moved out of my Manhattan apartment and into my fiance’s place who lives and works in Park Slope, Brooklyn. For those of you that I have not spoken with, I got engaged in Maui this summer and will get married during the Fall of 2004. My new home information is as follows:

254 4th Avenue, Apt. 4
Brooklyn, New York 11215-1007
Phone 718.596.6444

To reach me at all times phone my mobile at 917.365.3365 since this will continue to be my main contact number. I also have recently started in a new beauty position with Boots Healthcare USA (Boots the Chemist from England). I will be responsible for launching 10 of Boot’s UK private label beauty brands (skin care, color cosmetics, hair care, spa, etc.) during 1Q of 2004 at Target & CVS. I will now be commuting to Stamford, Connecticut, so my Audi TT will get plenty of time on the road.

Paras Bhargava: Living in Toronto, working as a tech equity analyst. In Toronto we get all four seasons in one day (it hailed on me on the putting green yesterday). The season when I miss living in Miami is beginning! Played Tennis with Victor Mandel in the middle of the blackout. Victor lives in D.C. but is spending a lot of time in Toronto. Ted Nash is moving back to Toronto from London. Also get together with Peter Scherer from time to time. Peter has has been here since graduation. A Wharton club is starting to transpire in Toronto. The recession has not been as deep here (the boom wasn’t as big either), and many WG’01, WG’02 who normally would have been gobbled up by New York are moving back here. The WG population is bigger than it has been for years.

Thibaut de Chassey: Over the past year, I got married in December 2002 with Benedicte and we are expecting a third child for December 2003. I am still working as an investment manager with AtriA Capital, a Paris-based small cap LBO practice. Regular contacts with Wharton alumni are with Jad Ariss (WG91) who is now company secretary at AXA France, and Rob Shaw (WG90)

Guy Hurley: I’ve been traveling a lot through work, but found time to break out and climb Cotopaxi, a volcano in Ecuador. The mountain is 5,900m (19,347ft) high. The Hurley Girlies (all four of them) are thriving.

Mark Stone: One year post the move from SF to Scituate, MA. Enjoying New England again. Meg (Williams WG92) recently left Goldman Sachs and is back in school getting her Masters in social work. Alex (3) and Katie (1) are growing quickly…and we are enjoying the ride. I took over as CEO of Sentient Jet just over a year ago. We were recently named “Best of the Best” in flight services for 2003 and are fortunate to have Harvey Golub, Frank Olsen and Jane Garvey (ex-heads of American Express, Hertz and the FAA) as recent additions to our Board. Feel free to contact me if you fly privately – I am sure we can spin some “WG special”.

Jeff Walter: After Wharton, Sandy and I moved to Sacramento for a few years and got married. We returned to New York in 1994 so Sandy could study to become a School Psychologist at Fordham University. After working for myself for 4 years, I finally crossed the grass and took a position at a turn-around, HHL Financial Services. While in New York our first daughter, Lindsay, was born in 1995. After the turn-around didn’t turn around, I re-enter the consulting industry and helped build the health insurance practice for American Management Systems in New Jersey. We moved the family to Jersey and much to our delight, New Jersey was quite beautiful (this came as a real shock to a couple of LonGislanders). We settled down in a little town in Northern Jersey called Wyckoff and thought life was just ducky. While in Wyckoff our second daughter, Gillian, was born in 1998. But soon the winds of change started blowing. Before I knew it we moved the family to Ann Arbor, Michigan to join the mother of all B2B firms, Commerce One. We were on a roll for a while and changing the world, but revolutions are bloody, ugly messes and the Internet Revolution was no exception. By the summer of 2002, only 1 in 20 of the Commerce One’s Ann Arbor staff was left standing, including myself, the office’s last Vice President.

While my professional life was less than perfect, on the personal side, Michigan turned out to be a great place to raise a family. Sandy landed a School Psychologist job in our district. She currently works right down the hall from Gillian’s classroom. We’ve got the whole suburbanite thing going on: Girl Scouts, youth soccer, dance recitals, dogs, swim meets, neighborhood parties. And a while back I hooked up with Jeff Varick and Rich Pirrotta. It was great seeing a few Wharton buddies in the great Wharton Wilderness (Note: Wharton Wilderness is defined as anywhere west of the Appalachians and east of the Sierras).

But things never stay the same for long. And every dark cloud has a silver lining. Earlier this year, as the last VP standing in Commerce One’s Ann Arbor office, I was given the opportunity to spin-off the office. With a little blood, sweat and tears, and a some advice from a few former classmates, Rick Barsky, Jeff Baker, Don Truesdale, and John Chan (WG ’92), we were able to do the deal and create the Latitude Consulting Group, Inc., a nice little boutique e-Business consultancy focused on digital demand chains.

So here it is late Sunday night, Sandy and the girls have already gone to bed. I just reviewed the books for our first quarter as Latitude and to my delight, we did better than expected. It’s hard to believe that 14 years ago this weekend a bunch of us went up to my parents’ lakehouse on Blueberry Lake. Some days our time at Wharton seems like yesterday, and some days it seems like a lifetime ago. But as the years pass and memories fade, of one thing I am certain: I’m a better person for having met all of you. Thank you for sharing your lives with me during that brief period of life we called Grad School. Carpe Diem!

Cleon Papadopoulos: 2003 has been a great year on the personal front. In May I got married to Efi Tzanetoulakou in the island of Crete and in October our son Minos was born. We all live in Athens and cleon.papadopoulos.wg91@wharton.upenn.eduworks!

Susan Moultrie: In the last decade, I have been living in downtown NYC and working in midtown at Sony (I started w/ them right out of Wharton and I am still here 12 years later! Well, to be honest, I left Sony for 2 years (1993- 1995), but other than that, I’ve been with Sony Music in various capacities since the last time I saw most of you. If you’re ever in the Big Apple, please let me know via e-mail at susan_moultrie@sonymusic.com or smoultrie@nyc.rr.com. I hope to hear from you!

Julian Critchlow: Things in the Critchlow household make slow progress on a number of fronts. After 3 years of planning reviews, we have finally started work converting our Oast House (to find out what that is come and visit!). At the moment we are at the low point… no stairs, floors, lots of holes and the cold weather setting in! On the work front, things have been busy but I have decided to take advantage of Bain’s sabbatical policy to take off 8 months next year… to swim the English Channel! Training starts in Jan. Swim in August (well I am quite a slow swimmer!). Finally to all Cohort M WG91 who I haven’t heard from… please email soon tojulian@critchlow.org and I will pass on any and all news.

Cyrille Arnould: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…Ten years after, what can I say?? I believe last time I reported back to the Alumni News I had just left Moscow after six years of life in Russia without a single dull day. I had been made to believe by friends who had often inquired about my safety and family well-being in Russia, that life in Washington DC would be so quiet to the point of being unworthy of notice. Louis XVI famously wrote “rien” (nothing) in his diary on July 14, 1789 (Bastille Day). Well, I could have done the same if it were not for a few distractions such as 9/11 and my office view on a smoldering pentagon, anthrax chain mail (whose perpetrator is still AWOL with Osama and Saddham), the Sniper saga, yet another monument to the glory of the 2d amendment, and more recently Hurricane Isabel which left my house without power for a whole week which made us almost feel like Iraqis. Of course, in the meantime, I have rediscovered my old Europeaness, freedom fries (I understand that French kisses will not be banned) and various color codes to organize my US government mandated daily fears.

So indeed, life in Washington DC has been almost as dull as Russia. Now, the big news is that I am competing for a mention in the Guinness Book as the one who has worked in more International Financial Institutions (IFIs) than anybody else… so after EBRD and IFC I am moving in November to Luxembourg to join the European Investment Bank (EIB). There I will look after the capital market operations of a Euro 4.7 billion fund (Cotonou facility) set up by the EU and dedicated to African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. I am heading there without Lisa and Madeleine, Jacob and Beryl to have time to set up camp before they join me at the end of the school year. My new email address is (c.arnould@eib.org).

Chris Urheim: In the last decade, I have been working for the same company…yikes! Same company but a new location. At the end of 2002, my family and I moved from Philly to Singapore where I am a business manager for Rohm and Haas, a specialty chemical/materials company. My wife, three daughters and I have adjusted to life in Singapore and are starting to travel and experience Asia. I’ve had to change my sports viewing habits – out with baseball and U.S. football and in with badminton and English football. David Beckham is huge in Asia. If anyone is passing through Singapore, drop me a note as it would be great to catch up.
John Stavig: Phoebe and I finally returned to Minnesota last year to be near our families and many long-time friends. I had a chance for a career change after our Chicago-based private equity firm sold our biggest investment (where I temporarily served as CFO for 4 years) to Verizon and I convinced them my services were no longer necessary. I’ve taken the last year off to spend time with our three children and complete the adoption of our youngest child from Cambodia. Other than teaching an evening MBA finance class, I’ve been concentrating on diapers, coaching little league and enjoying life at home on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. With our second child now entering pre-school, I’ve now got some time to prepare for the next career move — this time without moving the family!

Robyn Goldman: In 2001, I adopted two little girls from Russia, now 8 and 9-1/2. Last August, I returned to adopt another girl I met while I was there – she’s 14. (Adoption issues and puberty all at once. Aagh!) And about 1-1/2 years ago I made a big move from Philly (worked at WHYY for about 5 years) to little Lyons Colorado, a town of 1500 people, right in the foothills and about 20 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. I’m CFO of a company that makes the premiums for public radio — get your mugs and tote bages here — and runs the Car Talk webstore. I’m currently job hunting again, both here and back in Philly, looking for an Executive Director or President job at a non-profit. I’ve been involved as a volunteer at the National MS Society for about 12 years, and want to now make that work my career.

Rick Deitch: Well, first of all Janese and I have had four kids (now 10, 6, 4 and 1) – they are great, and our life is insane. I have more fun and get less sleep than I ever thought possible. I worked in investment banking almost the whole time – DLJ for 10 years, Cowen for 2½. I chose to retire in April rather than move to NY to keep my job with Cowen. So now my full time job is playing with my kids, renovating an 80-year-old house here in Dallas (that we bought from the original owner), and actually exercising for the first time in 10 years!

David Taylor: I opened a music video restaurant and bar last year in Nashville called “Tribe.” The Nashville Scene (Nashville’s Village Voice) readers just named Tribe the “Best Bar That Makes You Feel Like You are Not in Nashville” and placed us in the top three in a record EIGHT “Best of Nashville” categories. The Tennessean (Nashville’s daily paper) named us the hottest bar in town this summer. Needless to say, we are pretty excited about that, and hope that encourages my classmates to drop by when they are in town. Other than learning how to run a restaurant/bar, I was just elected President-elect of the Birmingham-Southern Alumni Association and also a member of the Board of Governors for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest Gay & Lesbian civil rights organization with more than 500,000 members. I have continued my work with colleges and universities on the side, but haven’t had too much time for that lately.

Lawrence Gelburd: I’m happily married to Anita (10 years and counting); she’s the Assistant Deputy Provost at Penn for Undergraduate and Ph.D. programs. I’ve been consulting for clients, writing business plans and helping them raise capital, and I’ve been producing rock bands across the US. At Penn, I teach at the Wharton Small Business Development Center and the Leadership in the Business World summer program; I am also an Entrepreneurial Fellow at the brand-new Weiss Tech House. Having a Blast!