July 28, 2017

Lisa Evely KesselmanHello Cohort, I am a happy banker with USAA in Phoenix. I work for the Chief Risk Office, managing credit model risk for USAA Federal Savings Bank. Prior to that, I worked as a statistician for the State of Arizona’s Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs. I attended a few Wharton Alumni activities at the capitol building. Wharton has a great alumni group in Phoenix! I returned to Arizona after the death of my husband in August 2005. I’ve stayed in contact with Bill Feingold and his wife Jennifer WG’90. You can find me online on Twitter, which is how I follow Bill’s convertible bond and other financial market activities.

Tim NashGreetings from the Boston area! I have had the pleasure of catching up with fellow classmates Dave Hallagan, John Raveret, Jonathan Kelly, Steve Shapiro and Jamie Seppala and many of us enjoyed the reunion last year. Family is great. Hannah just graduated from Middlebury, Sophie is completing school at Cardinal Cushing Centers next year and Lucy will start her Junior year at Hingham High School in the fall. Workwise, I recently accepted a position as a Principal with a small financial planning firm here in Hingham, MA, a 12 minute drive from my home. I hope all are well and enjoying the summer. Please reach out if you are coming to the Boston area. Always great to see old friends.

Gary SkrabaIt was terrific to see so many classmates at the reunion last year, especially after so many years! Thank you all for being so welcoming and gracious to my new wife, Nicolette, as well as to me – we loved the entire event, and I’m just sorry to not have spent more time getting to talk with such good friends at greater depth. In work news, I just invested in a teen nutrition company (it’s a re-startup) for which I’ve been consulting for 18 months, and will be joining the organization on a full-time basis. I hope that everyone is doing tremendously well, and feel free to reach me at GarySkraba@sbcglobal.net or 626-840-9648.

Robin RiddleThe nonprofit I founded several years ago, Brain Support Network (brainsupportnetwork.org), has been keeping me busy! We help families around the US make arrangements to donate a loved one’s brain upon death so that the neurological (or oncological) diagnosis can be confirmed and so the tissue can be utilized for medical research. In 2016, we were handling one brain donation a week. Now, after hiring three-part time staff, we are handling two brain donations a week. This is very fulfilling work!

Peter Doherty: I am still working as an entrepreneur in the Australian mining industry.  I was in New York in May and enjoyed catching up with David Markus, Alan Gilbert, Jeremy Jonas, Burt Rea, Simon Guenzl, and Amy Guenzl.  In June, I attended the 50th Wharton Global Forum in Hong Kong and caught up with George Hongchoy, who was the Forum Chairman.  George and his team did a great job organizing an outstanding Forum.  George passed the flag to me at the conclusion of the Forum as I am on the Organizing Committee for the Wharton Global Forum in Sydney which will be held March 7-9, 2018.  I look forward to seeing as many classmates as possible at this event.