July 15th, 2002

Bill Shelton: This past January, I left Nortel Networks with the decline of the Telecom Service providers. I have a new job at Avaya, the enterprise products spin-off from Lucent. I am an Area Sales Vice President in the Government Solutions group of Avaya. I am enjoying the new job, with the exception of the commute into DC. My new contact info is: 202-220-7210,
email- wnshelton@avaya.com

Roy Nemoto: I am still busy managing two product lines, NANOCHEM and PerfectH2 purification systems, for Matheson Tri-Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary for Nippon Sanso Corporation. We have restructured recently, but my team survived, keeping real busy… Our new CEO is Dr. Bill Kroll, a great person to work for and an executive Wharton MBA. My wife, Tracie, and soon-to-be 5 year old daughter, Kiana, have welcomed new members to our family: a 13 year old girl, Geneva, and a baby kitty, Daisy. I hope all of you are enjoying life and finding true fulfillment.

Stowe & Richard Sprague: Welcomed their third child, Martha Jean Sprague on April 26, 2002 at 1:30 pm. She weighed 7 pounds, 8.6 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long.

Tammy McLeod: My husband, John Hamilton, and I are actively trying to beat the heat of the Arizona summer. We’ve been making an annual retreat to Harstine Island in the Puget Sound and will be going again this year. Our third and final baby is due in October. My sons, Gabriel and Calvin are eager to greet a new brother. On the career front, this sleepy little electric utility, APS, has now made its way into the Fortune 500. I’m still enjoying the challenge very much.

Frank Wheeler: Several updates from the Wheeler household, (Frank WG ’91 and Christine WG’94). Most importantly, we welcomed the early arrival of our second son, Jackson, on December 18th, 2001. We also relocated to Princeton, NJ from Tokyo, Japan recently with Merrill Lynch. I am still doing marketing in the asset management industry, but this time back in the States. We spent an enjoyable New Year’s Eve with Pat Walsh and his wife, Shiela. We also enjoyed a great Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC with Lance Crist, Maria Koslowski, Jeff Anderson, Rich Joseph, Carl Steffens, John Sibson and Rob Urbach.

Mark Stone: I am proud to announce the latest edition to the stone clan – Katherine Amelia Stone was born on May 23rd. Mom (Meg Stone WG92 as Meg Williams) and baby are doing well.

Paras Bhargava: I am still at BMO Nesbitt Burns, was ranked #1 and #2 in my sector by the two rating companies, (the good news). Now for the bad news, haven’t had a BUY on a stock since october 1999 (when I left for an 18 month sabatical) . The telecom equipment sector is in a big slump and my screens are all red all the time (kind of like a russian radio station in the 1960’s) everyone seems to cast all analysts negatively (even those of us who left the street
rather than publish goofy buys on bad companies).

Hillary Kramer: In April 2002, I left the Cisneros Group after nine years. I ran the New York office and managed $5.0 billion in international private equity investments as well as portfolios of publicly traded securities. I decided to move on so I could spend more time broadcasting on the Fox News Channel where I am a Fox News Business Commentator. Since June 2001, I had been trying to balance a weekly business show and live business appearances with a full-time job that took me abroad just about once every week. I also took a position as senior strategist and advisor to Montgomery Asset Management. Montgomery is based in San Francisco and is quite demanding, but I work out of New York and prioritize my time by focusing on Fox and the plethora of business news and scandals that need coverage. Just in the past four weeks there have been daily “breaking news” announcements on Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, Adelphia, Tyco, Qwest and now Martha Stewart. I had the opportunity to broadcast live from Israel during the Spring while the standoff in the Church of the Nativity was in its hottest moments. I covered the economic situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories and the effect of the Intifada on the Region. If anyone has any interesting business news or a topic that they think needs coverage, please send me an e-mail at hkramer@kramerandlove.com or
kramerhj@aol.com or call me at 917-860-7000. All the best to everyone.

Jordan Foster: I’m still in wacky New York, Vice President & Relationship Manager for OFI Institutional Asset Management, the institutional arm of Oppenheimer Funds (in charge of our domestic sub-advisory business). I recently spoke on portfolio benchmarks at Risk 2002 — a risk management conference in Boston. I can be reached at hjfoster@usa.net. I’d be interested in chatting with folks in money management, in particular, finding out how they expect to make money during the expected flat markets. I’m open to suggestions. Really.

Daniel Seymour: I recently moved back up to the NY area after several years in Florida. I am working for a re-insurance company, XL Capital in a capital markets job based in Stamford, CT. Life has been hectic as I have moved (house and state), started a new job and got married all in the last year. My email is dseymour@xlserv.com for those who are interested!

Gary Skraba: Not much new news from here. I’ve been at the credit union for another year and a half, broke up with my girlfriend (of about the same length of time), hitting Dodger games at a record pace, and staying in Pasadena for a hot summer. If you have any reason to come to LA, please give me a ring!

Pete Jannetta: I got married (finally) in December to Carina de Almeida Pernambuco of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Took me ten years, but I finally talked her into it! We are living in my bachelor pad on 69th street at 2nd Ave, and life is good.

David Taylor: In May, after a year of planning, I opened with a business partner an upscale restaurant/video bar in Nashville that attracts a very diverse, but primarily gay/lesbian crowd. It’s been much more work than I imagined, but so far it has also been hugely successful and great fun. The place is called “Tribe” and our website is www.TribeNashville.com. I am still a management consultant for colleges and universities half-time (currently working with Gallaudet and Seton Hall), so I have been busy lately! Would love to see classmates if they come to Nashville. Give me a call or drop by Tribe!

Chris Malone: After over 5 years in Atlanta, I’m now headed back to Philadelphia. I recently accepted the position of SVP of Marketing for ARAMARK Corporation (NYSE:RMK). I’ll be starting in mid-August and we recently signed contract on a home in the Newtown Square area of the Philadelphia suburbs. The last few weeks of July have been spent winding down my responsibilities at the consulting firm I co-founded here in Atlanta a few years ago. But I expect that by early September, we’ll be ready to welcome any Wharton classmates that may pass through town. My e-mail address will NOT change during or after the move, so keep those updates coming! Also, since my last business trip took me to London, I was able to attend a party at Mike de Vegvar’s and visit with Monica Richter, Renaud Jezequel, Ted Bissell, John Hynes and Bill Saffron. The London contingent are all doing well and seem to be generating offspring at an alarming rate!

Sami Karam: After two years of running Objective Partners, a limited partnership with investments mainly in Europe, I recently joined Soros Fund Management in New York. By doing so, I am rejoining a former colleague who was recently named Chief Investment Officer for the Soros funds. For the past few years, I have focused mainly on Europe but I am now working on all overseas markets, including Asia, Latin America and still Europe, the biggest challenge now being how to find enough hours of sleep every night. I have a very short commute as the new job is only a five minute walk from my apartment. This summer, I have entered several running races and my last 8K time is three minutes faster than it was 3 years ago (37’53”), still far far behind the winner however. I would like to hear from former classmates, email me at Samjoka@aol.com.