July 15, 2000 Updates

July 15, 2000
Class Correspondent WG ’91
Chris Malone
We’ve got updates from 25 of our WG ’91 classmates this time. My own update is always available online at http://www.ga.malone.org/. I also have an e-mail address for everyone listed here, so let me know if you need help contacting any of them.Sheree Revilla-Mella: Last year I joined First USA Bank/Bank One as Asst. Vice Pres. in Information Systems and am enjoying my job tremendously. With my kids Kyle 6 and Bryn 4, we are having a fabulous summer and hope everyone is enjoying it too. Carrie Ericson: My big news is that I’ve moved on from consulting and accepted the offer of VP, Global Operations for eBreviate. We’re currently the #2 on-line auction provider to corporate america (after freemarkets) and intend to be #1 by the end of the year. its fast, exciting, fun…all of that. Also, my son Lewie will be a big brother in October!! Ed and I are very excited, although not sure if we’re ready for 2!Tim Nash: I am still working at Fidelity here in Boston, hanging in there with Jonathan Kelly (also WG ’91). I also see Jamie Seppala (WG ’91) and Dean MaCausland (WG ’90) periodically. My current role at Fidelity is managing a small consultant relations group for Fidelity’s 401(k) business. Life continues to be good— living in Hingham on Boston’s south shore with my wife, Jody and our two wonderful daughters, Hannah (5) and Sophie (4), and expecting another baby in September. Looking forward to the Reunion in 2001 —- Can you say “Wharton Winnebago?”Stephen Meyer: I recently took a new position as Senior VP of Marketing atTheBancorp.com, a start-up virtual bank located in downtown Philadelphia. The company creates affinity partnerships with large organizations and provides banking and brokerage services to their constituents. Previously, I spent eight years with Progressive Business Publications, a specialized publisher.Charles Jalenak: Last July (1999) I got married. My wife’s name is Monique and we had a baby boy, born July 4th, 2000, at 4:00am, 7 lbs, 19 inches. Everyone is doing great. Last year I formed a new money management firm in Memphis called Jalenak Capital Management, Inc.Diane McGrath: I attended the wedding of Mike de Vegvar to Sybil in Nurenburg, Germany last summer. Others in attendence at what turned out to be an Indian tour reunion included Ranjit Kohler and wife Rohini, Vesa Vanhanen, Mark Cregar, Brent Baum, Ted Bissell and wife Titta, Renaud Jezaquel, Mary Minawada, Sherad Rastogi, Konami and Yuki in from the Philippines, Jeff Varick, Alok Prasad, John Hines and wife Laurence, Monica Richter and husband Wolfgang, Cleon with his fiancee, Bill Safron, John Razario and wife Lisa, Evan Sturza, Stephanie Guilpin, Dawn Hines, Rich Pirrotta, Matt Johnson, Luc Sagnet with wife Isabelle, Feico Elhurst, and Tosh Tokino.Harvey Fram: I’m a quantitive equity portfolio manager at Monitor Capital Advisors, a subsidiary of New York Life Asset Management, in Princeton, NJ. I’ve been here for a little over a year, and it sure beats commuting to New York City. Carine and I have three kids – Joshua, Geena and Kyle, ages six, four and almost two.Amanda Tepper: I recently made a major career change and became a sell-side equity analyst for Chase H&Q (Chase bought Hambrecht & Quist last year) covering the Consumer Products sector. So far I’m enjoying the change from my investment banking past. Jeff (Kiker) is busy at Modem Media helping GM with their B2C e-commerce strategy. Our daughters are now 1 and almost 4, and very talkative, so Jeff and I get to have a few uninterrupted conversations a month.Pat Lavecchia: Kris and I have 3 beautiful boys who, as you would expect, continuously wreak havoc at home but are a joy. After spending all my time since graduation in investment banking (most recently as global head of private equity placements at Credit Suisse First Boston for the last 3+years), I decided to take the plunge and move on to the dot-com investment world with Hawk Holdings, a strategic alliance involving Qwest Communications and the Hawk management team. I am a Senior Managing Director at Hawk and we are a combination strategic investor and technology services company emulating a General Electric-type model for the new economy. Hawk is headed up by the former chief strategy officer of Qwest and currently we have 5 partner company investments in which we have a majority ownership. Kris and I are still living in Connecticut and would welcome calls from friends and classmates. You can reach me by email at mailto:pat@hawkholdings.com. All the best.Stephen Kuenzli: I am quite happy to pass along the news that on August 6, 2000, I will be getting married in Menlo Park, CA. (The unsuspecting woman’s name is Nancy Smith…)David Chua: I got engaged in June to Christina Chi at the 7th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links during the 100th U.S. Open Golf Championship. Christina grew up in Northern California and attended UC Berkeley and the Hastings School of Law. She currently practices Real Estate Law at Ellman, Burke, Hoffman & Johnson. We plan to have our wedding this December in San Francisco.Nancy Nichol-Hasson: My husband Marty and I proudly announce the birth of our third child, Rachel Catherine, on May 25, 2000. Her sister Claire is 5 and brother Keegan is 3. We still live in Atlanta where I have been working as a part-time consultant (mostly from home) for my former employer, Georgia-Pacific. (I left the company in 1997 so I could work on my own terms and take care of my children full-time.)T.J. Gallagher: Second Son, Devin Michael Gallagher, born May 19, 2000. In February 2000, became CFO of the Broadband Network Business Unit within Williams Communications, a next generation fiber optic networking company.Lorrie King: I was recently appointed President and CEO for the US division of a UK based consumer products company called KMI. We have a line of innovative shaving products called King of Shaves that allows for a non razor burn, nick free shave that has made the line #2 behind Gilette in the UK. Even though we are currently carried in high-end apothecary I am taking this to the broader mass environment utilizing a mass with class premium pricing position. We also have a line of prestige fragrances by a British designer, Ted Baker that are available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora. You can find us at http://www.shave.com/. This is a unique challenge in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment, however I am still traveling, seeing lots of friends and generally having fun in life.Miguel Osio: I am currently working in Private Wealth Management in Morgan Stanley New York. Prior to that I spent 6 years in Goldman Sachs Institutional Sales and Equity Capital Markets. I am still living in New York, married to Laura, and have two boys Miguel (9) and Alex (5). For fun we go to our weekend home in New Paltz, NY where we mountain bike, run and rock climb.Tammy McLeod: My family and I have been happily lounging through the summer and trying to beat the AZ heat. With a large vacation accrual we’ve spent a great deal of time in the Puget Sound area. Still employed by Arizona Public Service where my website was just named in the top 10 utility websites in the world by a Deloitte and Touche study.Lutz Braum: I’ve been promoted to Marketing Director of Citibank’s Latin American affluent consumer business, which fulfills clients’ local as well as offshore banking needs. I remarried in October 99, and my wife Pamela and I have bought a second residence in Seattle to facilitate our monthly visits to my wonderful son Alexander (5).Mike Nash: I married Carolyn Duffy (an HBS woman, but she’s ok anyhow) back in September. I am still at Microsoft and took a new job as VP of Content Development and Delivery which is a fancy way of saying that I now run Microsoft.COM, TechNet, the Microsoft Devloper Network and our Courseware and Training. Hoping that this is a better summer for sailing in Seattle than the last few have been!David Ghighi: I am moving to London to join InterGen’s business development group where I will focus initially on opportunities in Italy. InterGen, a joint venture of Bechtel and Shell, is one of the world’s most successful independent power companies. Until recently, I was CFO of a dot-com startup and previously VP of project finance with Chase in New York.Lee Kranefuss: We are doing well in Northern California. I am continuing working hard as CEO of Barclays Global Investors Individual Investors Business, where we are launching a new slate of Exchange Traded Index Funds (called iShares, for those following the press). The only big challenge is running an investment management business from San Francisco – I end up needing to be in New York every two to three weeks.Cary Pfeffer: My wife Ruth (WEMBA ’97) and I just moved to Paris. We remain with our previous employers, but in different jobs. I am now Director of Biogen’s International Distributor organization (covers all markets where we do not direct market but use distributors– southern Europe, Mideast, Latin America and Central Eastern Europe), and Ruth continues to lead human asset initiatives for the Monitor Group (a mgmt consulting firm), now for the European organization. Where travelling the world and having a blast– and of course, learning French.Brian O’Connell: I moved from Pittsburgh to the Bay Area after being promoted to Vice-President and General Manager of Guidant’s Stent Business Unit. Guidant is a leading medical device company, and stents are small wire-mesh tubes used to prop open arteries. I’ve been with Guidant in Various Marketing, R & D, and Sales positions since graduating from Wharton, and I’m looking forward to living on the West Coast.John Fadool: I am still with P&G as the Marketing Director for Feminine Care in Latin America. We are located in Caracas, Venezuela. Margot is working as a professor for the International School. The big news is that on July 4th, 2000, we had the birth of our second son Jake! Mother and baby are doing fine. However, our first son Max (2 1/2 yrs.) is not quite sure what to think yet!.