January 31, 2010

Jane Page: Our annual WG’91 Pre-Holiday Dinner in NYC was again a success with both repeat and first time attendees. We gathered at Alias Restaurant on the Lower East Side. Participants included: Ed Allinson, Lorrie King, Karen Batchelder, Anna Necoranec, Jeff Kiker, Jean Brown, Stephanie Guilpin, Evan Sturza, Marty Secada, Joe Kelly, Pat LaVecchia and Chris Malone. Sadly we were having so much fun together, we forgot to take pictures!

Karen Batchelder: I am enjoying my post-investment banking sabbatical. This Fall I went on a 10,000 mile, 40 day US camping trip which covered 14 national parks and a number of national monuments and state parks. It was truly amazing. I am now in the Pacific for three months, traveling though Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. Work seems like a distant memory.

Rob Joyce: It’s been a busy 18 months: In September 2008 we acquired our largest competitor (based in Denmark) a week before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the global economic meltdown. I spent past year integrating the two companies while simultaneously renegotiating our capital structure. I am pleased to say that financial restructuring was complete on December 22, 2009. I did have time in December to golf with some fellow WG 91 classmates in Florida – Pal Berg, Steve Collins, Jeff Hanson, Paul Hardy and Larry Ioffredo.

Steve Pinsky: Although I was unable to make the New York Holiday Dinner, I was fortunate to connect with Jean Brown andGary Schanzer (along with Valerie, Eric and Natalie) the weekend before. All are doing well. I also attended my first Wharton Alumni Association board meeting in the Fall. There are some great things happening at Wharton and I welcome you all to get involved at any level. I have also been added to the Advisory Board for the Alliance of M&A Advisors (AM&AA). It is a great organization for professionals involved in middle market M&A activities. Under the category of “boy, are we getting old”, my daughter (Jaclyn) passed her driving test in December.

Mark Burstein: I am in my sixth year as Executive Vice President of Princeton University which is the chief operating officer of the university and I was just elected to the board of my alma mater, Vassar College. But the big news is I got married on November 6 to David Calle W’88 on our 20th anniversary. Laura Silverman and Eric Reiff and their families joined us for the celebration. I want to thank all of my classmates who sent us notes of congratulations in response to the article announcing our wedding in the New York Times.

PM Steckmest: I am now the proud father of two girls, in addition to Michael who just turned 10 years last October. Esenia and I received two beautiful girls on January 15th in Oslo. Their names will be Vanesia and Catalina – both international names. All is well with father, mother and girls.








Miguel Osio: My wife Laura and I are empty nesters since Miguel is in college already at GWU and Ale is at Hotchkiss where he is attending high school and competing in wrestling. Life as a couple in NY can be fun. This year my great friend Chris Malone and I took our 3rd surfing trip together to the Hawaii North Shore. The waves were gigantic, but lots of fun and exercise. After 19 years living in NY and my 10th in Private Banking Morgan Stanley, we are quite settled in here. Laura is doing fine still working in Corcoran Real Estate. It was fun a few years ago attending the Wealth management Program at Wharton Executive Education and seeing some of our professors. Highly recommended program for entrepreneurs/families and money manager professionals. Keep in touch atmiguel.osio@morganstanley.com and LET’S ALL GO TO THE 20th YEAR REUNION!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Malone: As noted above, Miguel Osio and I made our annual trek to the North Shore of Hawaii in December to catch a few waves. Thanks to El Nino, the waves in the Pacific have been EPIC this winter. Here are some photos of Miguel and I scouting, and then riding a few at Sunset Beach.