Friday Evening Cohort Events, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Locations Confirmed, Split the bill

Friday, May 13th, Evening Cohort Events, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Locations Confirmed, Cost: Split the bill


The following classmates have confirmed their attendance at the events:

Mark Wirthlin
Jonathan Lack
Mike De Vegvar
Deryl Eastman
Mark Stuckelman
Karla Perez
Jeff Harbison
Warren Jones
Anne Van Gilson
Fran Margolis
Diane McGrath
Laura Silverman
Carolyn Gibbs
Neil Price
Chris Malone
George Montague
Audrey Reny
Steve Shaifer
Vijay Sharma
Allan Filipowicz
Carrie Ericson
Chrissie Lawrence
Claudia Franco
Colin Watts
Gordon Henry
Gus Long
Monica Richter
Ed Allinson
Lauren Goldberg
Victoria Guy
Cyrille Arnould
Ted Mourouzis
Steve Offutt
Deboroah Dileo
Obaid Khan
Susan Johnson
Janette White-Hollingberry
Roy Twersky
Stephanie Guilpin
PM Steckmest
Randi Roy
Dan Jansen
Mark Neibart
Matt Oey
Heather-Callendar Potters
Charles Goohs
Gary Rosenstein
George Hongchoy
Jacqueline Smith
Rick Deitch
Wendy Landon
Claudio Leon
Leslie Benoliel
Lorrie King
Pamela Ponce Johnson
Peter Doherty
Karen Batchelder
Jeff Kiker
Sheree Revilla
Deborah Aronoff
Mark Mondello
Keith Goldberg
Ted Dabrowski
Guy Hurley
Jane Page
Nancy Nichol-Hasson
Phil Heinrich
Rani Haet
Renaud Jezequel
Steve Mattingly
Taylor Collyer
Inder Sidhu
Deborah Aronoff
Jeff Harbison
Chris Urheim
Cleon Papadopoulos
Rick Deitch
Julian Critchlow
Vesa Vanhanen
Audrey Reny
Alison Wheaton
Jeff Gross
Hillary Kramer
Tom Heule
John Bermel
Christina Infante
Peter Scherer
Lili Dumelle

These informal gatherings will bring back memories of those cohort social events we used to have.

Cohorts A, B & M: Hotel Sofitel Bar, 6:30 pm at 120 South 17th Street, (215) 569-8300

Cohorts C, D, H & J: The Field House Restaurant & Bar, 7-10 pm at 1150 Filbert Street, 215-629-1529
The Field House is located inside the PA Convention Center off Market Street between 11th and 12th near the Market East Train Station. Another entrance is on Filbert Street (between Market and Arch) across from the Reading Terminal. Our Wharton party is located in the loft on the 2nd floor. Cost: $30/person for heavy hors d’oeuvres and cash bar

Cohorts E & F: Chifa Restaurant, 6 pm at 707 Chestnut Street, 215-925-5555

Cohorts G, K & L: Fork Etc., 6 pm at 308 Market Street, 215-625-9425