April 30, 2015

Julian Critchlow: With a ‘9’at the end of my age last year, I returned to the English Channel to attempt a 2-way crossing – there and back – to prove my 2004 crossing wasn’t a fluke! The year was devoted to training and I proved conclusively that you can acquire a very dark tan without leaving the UK – as long as you swim 16 hours a weekend in the English Channel! On the day, the swim proved to be challenging due to high winds and huge tides (www.english-channel-2014.blogspot.co.uk/ for the full story). I eventually reached France after 17 hours 35 minutes and called it a day. I am still at Bain after 28 years and with Sarah after 32 years – both show enormous understanding for my craziness.


Mark Thomas: After ten years at Nokia it was time for a change. (Time for a smaller company too.) Now hearing up Product Marketing at Jasper (jasper.com) in charge of the connected cars vertical.

Kacey Carpenter: 2015 is another busy year for all of us. Kathy flew to India to join up with Emma who is studying abroad in Nepal and India, Kevin and his University of Washington fraternity brothers stayed with us over spring vacation, I met Rob in Colorado to cheer for his college lacrosse team, and Cass is doing great her senior year and will graduate from Vassar in May! I am still working and traveling and hope to see some of you in future trips (New York in April, San Diego in June, Japan in July, London in September).


Brian O’Connell: As I write this from “flyover country” on April 10th, golf courses are open but snow is falling in Minnesota. Since graduating from Wharton I’ve been in the medical device industry in a variety of roles and for the last 10 years, my two business partners and I have owned Key Surgical Inc., a leading provider of medical products to hospital sterile processing and operating room departments. We’ve been fortunate to grow our business at 18% per year during that time. If you’re interested in connecting in the Minneapolis area, please let me know. My wife Lynne and sons Declan and Logan would welcome the chance to show off our great city and amazing local lakes from ground level instead of 30,000 feet.