April 15, 2001 Updates

April 15, 2001
Class Correspondent WG ’91
Chris Malone

We’ve got updates from 32 of our WG ’91 classmates this time. My own update is always available at www.ga.malone.org. I also have an e-mail address for everyone listed here, so let me know if you need help contacting any of them.

Leenor Lee: My husband and I happily welcomed the birth of our first child, Geoffrey, on 11January 2001. Our lives are extremely demanding: I am co-head of fixed income sales at JPMorgan Chase in Hong Kong, and my husband, Bill Fong, is Managing Director of imGO Limited, a wireless sector VC firm. But with each busy day, we watch Geoffrey grow. Each smile and laugh our joy.Stephen Meyer: FYI, new job. I’m now with The Hay Group. Here’s my contact info:

  • Director of Publishing
  • The Hay Group
  • The Wannamaker Building
  • 100 Penn Square East
  • Philadelphia, PA 19017-3388
  • Phone: 215-861-2495
  • Fax: 215-861-2126
  • Cell: 610-203-9483

Monica Avellaneda: Just wanted to let you and other WG’91 grads know my new coordinates. I am now with VISA International in Strategic Planning for Latin America and still living in Miami. Rich (Richard Cannon – WG’91) and I along with our 15 month old, Isabela, welcome any friends who might pass through this part of the Caribean. I can be reached at: mavellan@visa.com.

Anil Pereira: (Holiday Letter) New Year’s Greetings to All! 2000 was an extremely busy year for us and will forever be engraved in our memories as “The Year of The House Remodel” (or more appropriately, “The Year of the Three-Month-Remodel-Which-Turned-into-the-Nine-Month-Remodel”). For those familiar with the housing market in the San Francisco area, you can easily relate; for those laughing hysterically at our folly, we’ll phone you the next time you’re out in sub-zero weather shoveling your sidewalks.

Despite all the chaos this year, the kids still thrive. Lucie (4) attends preschool 3 mornings a week and also goes to ballet and gymnastics. She has a lot of friends in the neighborhood and gets together often for games of “Lion King”, “Dog” and “Tag”. She is still a fashionista and has her own true sense of style, which sometimes causes long delays in getting dressed and out the door. Lucie took advantage of our months in a condo by honing her pool and hot-tubbing skills.

Bennett (2) now speaks non-stop in complete compound sentences to anyone who will listen (after all our worries that Lucie would speak for him for the rest of his life!). He still loves music & attends a music class, loves the outdoors and can live at the park for hours on end. He is a true mischievous two-year-old whose blue eyes and disarming grin provide an ample smokescreen for his antics around the house. He also loves the swimming pool and relishes taking rides on his (breathless) Daddy’s back.

In February we welcomed our 3rd child, Henry Alastair, on his due date, the 7th. Henry proved to be quite the fearless child as he arrived without the assistance or presence of doctors, nurses or Daddy (who ran from the delivery room trying to summon help) – that’ll teach Sheri for timing the end stages of labor during hospital shift change. The Hun (as we call him, though it is not indicative of his personality), is adored by his older brother & sister. His arrival brought visits from both sets of grandparents, which proved necessary in a household with 3 small kids. Soon after waving goodbye to Grandma & Grandpa, Lucie informed her Mommy (who was feeding Henry) that Bennett had locked himself in the bathroom. Less than an hour alone with all three kids and Sheri was calling 911! Bennett’s screams turned to thrilled exclamations as he was rescued by 3 firefighters, a ladder truck with lights flashing and a brand new teddy bear.

On the career front, Anil continues to be happy at VeriSign. The company experienced enormous growth in 2000 and now ranks as the world’s third largest Internet company. In August, Anil was named Senior Vice President of Marketing and then was promoted again in October to Senior Vice President & Group General Manager of the company’s Enterprise Division. During the year he was also elected to the Board of Directors of SF Interactive (a privately held e-marketing firm) & the Advisory Boards of several private Internet start-ups. The greatest honor of the year, though, was in being named as the University of Lethbridge’s Alumnus of the Year for 2000 which, you may know, was the place the two of us met, fell in love & became engaged. Anil will be traveling to Lethbridge in February to receive the award at the U of L’s winter Convocation ceremonies.

Sheri still hasn’t decided whether it is more difficult to supervise small children or contractors, but both are full-time jobs, and she has very reluctantly put her part-time legal work on hold for now. On top of shuttling back and forth between home and the pre-school (where she volunteers several times a month); home and the park; home and the doctor’s office; home and the library, Sheri spent the better part of the year getting acquainted with the local plumbing, lighting, millwork, paint, tile and furniture stores, balancing hundreds of remodeling details. Bennett still bursts into tears every time we drive by the bathroom fixtures store in our neighborhood. Naturally, she is thrilled with the thought of decorating another (empty) house on a remote island in an entirely different country which has led Anil to conduct stealth decorating missions just outside of her radar.

That’s it from our end. We hope you & your families are also doing well and had a happy holiday season. We wish you a wonderful New Year & hope to see you in 2001.

Angela Durham-Knight: On February 19, Rick Knight and I eloped to The Meadow House in Vermont where we had a very small and private wedding ceremony. We will be residing in Jersey City, NJ. We invite all of our Wharton “family” to share in our new-found happiness!

Angela Durham-Knight
H) 201-324-0787
O) 646-836-1730

David Chua: I was married to Christina Chi on December 2, 2000 at the Unitarian
Universalist Church in San Francisco. Whartonites who attended the ceremony
and reception included my brother and groomsman Ted Chua (WG ’97), Pam Chuey
(WG ’90), Brent Chinn (WG ’01), and Jerry Wu (WG ’96). Following our
honeymoon in Maui, we visited relatives and friends in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
While in Hong Kong, we also had a small reception, which was attended by Alan
Lee (WG ’90).

Bob Senoff: I’m living in San Francisco enjoying running to the golden gate bridge,
biking through marin and racing cars down at Laguna Seca. I’m working as a venture capitalist at New Millennium Partners. We’ve primarily invested in seed and early stage venture companies. Looking forward to the reunion and I can be reached at bob@nmpartners.

Bruce Gretz: My wife Heather and I are thrilled to annouce the arrival of our first baby!! Olivia Laura was born 2/23/01, weighing in at 6 1/2 pounds. Mom and baby are doing great. I have also been busy founding a new company, Mantis Innovation Networks. Mantis is developing enterprise software for innovation management at major R&D companies. We are actively seeking first-round funding! Heather and I spend all of our free time walking our dogs, Bart and Leo, in Hermosa Beach. Cheers!

Karen Fukumura: I came out to Singapore in fall of 1994 to work for Booz-Allen & Hamilton. After two years of consulting across SE Asia, I got the entrepreneurial itch. I have started up three companies out here in Asia – a management consulting firm, an IT consulting firm, and most recently, an application service provider (ASP). We just sold the ASP and I’m finally returning home to the US after 6.5 years in Asia. The experience of living overseas as well as starting up companies has been incredible. Before returning home in mid-June, I’m taking some much needed time off and travelling through Africa, India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Andrew Nelson: I work at Instinet Corporation, a global electronic brokerage, where I’m in
charge of the Instinet Crossing trading desk. At the moment, I’m on an extended project to set up a joint venture in Tokyo, where I’m spending about three weeks a month through the end of the summer. It’s a great opportunity and adventure, but a little tough on the family because my wife Helen and our three daughters Alexandria (5,) Sydney (3) and Julia (1) are staying home in New York.

Jaime de la Barra: I plan to attend the reunion along with my wife Pilar and my daughter Ana (10) who was born while we lived in Philly and will come back for the first time since then. I am currently a Managing Partner in charge of the Chile affiliate of Compass Group, a Latin American Asset Management firm headquartered in New York City which I helped launching back in early 1996.

Yoshihiro Murakami: I have been working at Ford Motor Company in US, Japan (Tokyo and Hiroshima) and ASEAN countries since 1991. Presently, I assume two Finance positions
at two Ford entities in Japan. Noriko (wife), Haruka (4-year-old daughter) and I enjoy living in Yokohama near Tokyo. I had a hole-in-one at a golf course in Michigan three years ago.

Timothy Parker: I am living in Miami, FL and working for The Pillsbury Company (soon-to-be General Mills) as the Regional Finance Director for Latin America & Africa.

Kim Mathew: Crista (my wife of 7 years), Andrew (my 3 year old), and I are in our 4th year in
London. We’re expecting a new addition in June. I’m still at Deutsche Bank, living in Chelsea, and playing tennis for the local club team. Andrew is going to have the same advantage I had growing up; playing English football with kids who find kicking a ball more natural than throwing it.

We have tons and tons of visitors during the English Summer. If anyone is stopping through and wants to hit a fuzzy yellow ball, a dimpled white ball, or a double yellow dot (if you have to ask, you probably wouldn’t want to) you can reach me and my family atckamathew@msn.com.

Gary Skraba: After 15 months (and four business plans) at the dot-com, I’ve moved back to
First Financial Credit Union as the VP of Marketing. I still have my Dodger season tickets (going to Opening Day today). Not much else going on, just looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Jean-Yves Charlier: t is now over 5 years now that I have been with Equant, the global data
network services specialist for multinationals. I am now responsible, as President, of the company’s Markets, Sales and Services division which means that I basically run most of the company’s day-to-day operations on a global basis. The past 12 months have been busier than ever as I headed up the integration of the company’s two main divisions which represented
over $1.1 billion in revenue last year with growth of 40 percent. Furthermore, as the company announced recently the acquisition of Global One, I have had the opportunity to lead part of the merger process.

Our family has recently moved to a new home in Windsor, UK which we had the opportunity to design the interior layout and plan the decoration. Although this has been a lot of fun it has meant some hard work. However, we are absolutely delighted with our new home. Our two daughters, Chloe and Celine, continue to do well and are growing up to our delight. We have just spent a week holiday in Maui which was one of our best family holidays ever.

Monica Richter: After a few years in Frankfurt, my husband, Wolfgang Günther, and I moved to London in 1997. We’ve purchased a small Victorian house in a neighbourhood called Clapham and complain to our local councillor (Guy Hurley WG’91) when necessary. I continue to work for Standard & Poor’s Ratings but my responsibilities have shifted. I now manage a team of 20 analysts responsible for public finance in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Outside of work, I still dance and have recently started taking flying trapeze lessons. When the stress builds up, the circus certainly keeps me away from other finance types. Wolfgang and I also love to travel and we are planning our next adventure – to climb Kilimanjaro.

Curtis Glovier: In February my wife Sophie and I had our third child and first son, Clay Atherton Glovier. He is doing well. I am enjoying working in NYC again at Perseus, LLC, a leveraged buyout and venture capital firm with a “value” orientation.

Perrie Taylor Ericson: Unfortunately, I will not be attending the reunion. Scott and I are using up our grandparent babysitting time to go to Hawaii for ten days in May to celebrate our tenth anniversary. So it’s hard to leave our children (Jeanette-6 1/2, Owen and Carl-5 each) for another trip so soon. Additionally, my grandmother (Janet- 97!!!) has moved in with us, and we have a new puppy (Biscuit-6 mo). Those few things constitute the bulk of my working duties these days. For fun I teach Sunday school, sing at church, volunteer in the kids’ classrooms, and act as Communications VP for the Junior League of Fort Collins. Life in suburban Colorado is wonderful!

Kris Aasted: Still working in executive search. Was recruited away from Heidrick & Struggles to open up Southern California operations for Christian & Timbers, a top firm focused on high tech. Always eager to talk to fellow alums about personal career issues and search assignments. Call anytime at 858-456-4598, or email me at aasted@pobox.com <mailto:aasted@pobox.com> .

Sanjay Sehgal: After graduation, I worked at LEK Consulting for 3 years in London and Boston. Lisa Popick (WG’91 cohort C) and I got married in the summer of 1994 and we then moved to Hong Kong. Lisa transfered with Fidelity Investments to become Director of Retail Marketing and I was a trailing spouse for 6 weeks. I joined Schroder Capital Partners (Asia) to do private equity investment and have been a partner with them since 1995. SCP has over US$865m under management and we invest in late stage and buyout opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. We are part of the worldwide Schroder Ventures group which has over US$7.2 billion under management.

Our first child, daughter Ryka Renee, was born in Hong Kong in November 1996 and she is a chatty 4.5 years old now who spends most of her time in her own imaginary world (she has an amazing quality to tune out adults, especially parents). We moved to Singapore in 1997 since I helped open the Singapore office of SCP, a few months after Hong Kong was “handed over” by the British back to China and have been here ever since.

Our second child, son Talen Sid, was born in May 1999 in Singapore. A typical two-year old boy – growing and doing things just like the book says. Fortunately, the two kids love each other more than they fight, atleast as of now. Lisa does part-time consulting where possible, more importantly, on her own time. I travel over 50% of the time (Asia is quite large) and am enjoying the private equity business. We live in an old “pernakan” style Malaysian Chinese shophouse just off the main shopping street of Singapore (Orchard road for those who know Singapore) and life is good and comfortable in Singapore. We make frequent trips in the region – Bali, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Australia, New Zealand and most recently had a fantastic trip to see Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh in Cambodia – a must see if you want to immerse yourself in the glorious past of architecture and fine arts.

Emile Van den Bol: Managing Director, Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown, 31 W 52nd Street New York, NY 10019, Phone 212 469 4868 Fax 212 469 5927, E-mail Emile.van-den-bol@db.com, Home: 18 Brookside Avenue, Ridgewood New Jersey, 07450, phone 201 447 6422, fax 201 447 6726, E-mail: Emilev@rcn.com

Jeff Kiker: I left the world of internet development at Modem Media as that ship was sinking and am now leading new product development for the high-volume market segment at Pitney Bowes in Shelton, CT. I now know more about mail than I ever thought was possible.

Chris Eledu: Currently working with ExxonMobil Development Company, Houston, Texas, as a Project Controller with primary responsibility of assisting in a $3 billion development of an offshore deepwater oil producing prospect in Nigeria. Still married to Maureen with two kids; Cassandra 8, and Robert 6. Business Phone (281) 423 – 6741, Fax (281) 423 – 6180.

Timothy Parker: I am living in Miami, FL and working for The Pillsbury Company (soon-to-be General Mills) as the Regional Finance Director for Latin America & Africa.

Michael Goldstein: I just bought a house in Sherborn, Mass., and my wife, Joanne Pratt
(Penn Gr’91 Ph.D. in Immunology) and I are expecting our first child, Elizabeth, in the beginning of May. I have also been cited in a bunch of newspapers, including a cover story in The Christian Science Monitor. I also appeared a few times in papers like The Dallas Morning News and the Wall Street Journal. In November, when Nasdaq was at 2800, I was featured in a cover story of the Business Section, where I predicted a major fall in Nasdaq to the 1900s. I have also been on the radio and a number of magazines, like Forbes and Business Week. In
addition, I won the Best Paper in Microstructure award from the Financial Management Association in October 2000. (The paper was co-authored with Ken Kavajecz, who is a current professor at Wharton.) As a result of all this and other work, my bio appears in Who’s Who in America.

Cyrille Arnould: Doing great! One wife, three kids, 6 years in Russia, Now in DC working for IFC on Capital Markets in sub-Saharan Africa. Offer room and board to anyone caring to visit!

Lutz Braum: I left Citibank last October after 10 fun years and took some time off to decide what I wanted to do with my life. After traveling extensively for a few months, I decided to relocate to the West Coast to be closer to my son Alexander who lives in Seattle. My wife Pamela and I are now living in San Francisco and am looking for a senior marketing position in the SF bay area.

Jeff Anderson: Patty and I just had our first child on 9 February 2001, Carina Rose Anderson (Carrie) and we are wildly excited – she’s a great baby and we are having a blast. And just as of last week (5 April) I left GE Global eXchange Services and joined a small e-learning software
company (Plateau Systems) as their Director of Product Marketing.

Timothy Ling: I am a Director at Gleacher & Co. since 1999 and a high yield bond research
analyst specializing in media and telecommunications. Previously, I worked as a media and telecommunications and infrastructure analyst for Morgan Stanley’s Global High Yield Research Department from 1995 to 1999. From 1996 to 1998, I was employed by Morgan Stanley Asia in Hong Kong as part of a team to develop the high yield origination and trading business in Asia. Prior to Morgan Stanley, I founded a high technology company that develops artificial intelligence computer software for engineering drawing management systems from 1991 to 1995.

Joseph Kelly: My wife Diana Couto Kelly (W ’84) and I live in New Providence, New Jersey. We have two children, Joe Jr. (6), and Veronica (3). I’m a Senior Vice President in the Mortgage Backed Securities group at Lehman Brothers. Diana retired from the Commercial Mortgage group at Salomon Brothers; she is now a super Mom. We’re really looking forward to the reunion — See you all there.