April 15, 2000 Updates

April 15, 2000
Chris Malone
Class Correspondent WG 1991

We’ve got updates from 39 of our WG ’91 classmates this time. I also have an e-mail address for everyone listed here, so let me know if you need help contacting any of them.

Paras Bhargava: Have been living in Toronto for the last 2 years after 6 years in Miami. Have just started a next gen CLEC and raised seed financing. Was an equity analyst in Canada for the last 2 years. Miss the travel to Latin America and Asia but love the energy and intensity of a startup. Hopefully we will rolling along by the time this prints.

Anna Nekoranec: I have changed jobs and have moved to New York City. I am now working for a private equity fund sponsored by the Wallenberg family of Sweden. We have $1 billion under management and are focusing on technology and healthcare investments in the U.S. and Europe.

Fran Margolis: My husband Robert and I are still alive and well living in Redmond, Washington. We have two great children – a son, Tyler Elijah, who turned 4 in November and a daughter, Harmony Rayne, who was born in May of ’99. Robert stays home full time to take care of them while I continue to work at Microsoft as a product planning manager in our consumer productivity business.

Jeff Kiker & Amanda Tepper: We welcomed the birth of our second daughter, Nicole, on May 1, 1999. She’s doing great and is already conspiring against us with her sister Cecilia. I’m working in strategy and design on various business-to-business projects and new business at Modem Media. We get together occasionally with Lorrie King and are eager to expand the Fairfield County Wharton network!

Ken Esterow: I am currently Senior Vice President of the Netmarket Group Inc., where I manage a couple of internet-based business (are there any other kind these days?). My wife Laura and I recently welcomed our second daughter, Alison Gabrielle, into the world. Older sister Sarah, couldn’t be any happier to have a sister.

Kacey Carpenter: I have been busy driving strategic marketing programs at Cisco Systems and continue to have fun despite the hectic pace of Silicon Valley high tech. Our daughter, Cassidy, is excelling as a first grader in a Spanish Immersion elementary program on the Stanford University campus and our son, Robby, is growing bigger every day and will be five this spring.

Mark Overdyk: I am in the process of moving back to Louisville to become a corporate bore again after 5 years in Europe running the show. Karla and I added a son in London so we have 2 boys , ages 5 and 3, and lived in London and Hamburg. It was great but it is also nice to be in the U.S. again.

Nobuo Mori: I have been working with A.T. Kearney for 9 years now ! I am a United Airline 1-K program member and was able to take my family (wife + 3 kids ) to Maui (of course out of mileage) with business class for the last Christmas vacation. Japan is changing a lot and almost everybody is talking about e-business now.

George Hongchoy: I went to Sydney with my family (Dannie, Natalie and Adrian) for the millennium celebration. Adrian is now 13 months and just started to walk. While there, we managed to catch up with Rob Fitzpatrick, Grant Wilson, David Thevenon and Gordon Black (WG90). It seems that all of them are settling happily to their second career after Wharton.

Mike Faherty: Left Ogilvy & Mather advertising in 1996 to work at Kraft Foods in Brand Management. Currently I am Senior Brand Manager at Kraft Foods on the Capri Sun brand. I live in Connecticut with my wife Jennifer and my nine month-old Isabel.

Patrick Assakul: My wife and I has just celebrated our first Christmas with our 4-month old baby boy, Tatr Peter Assakul. Thanks to the wonder of internet, Peter’s pictures can be seen at http://www.easyfoto.com/peter. We look forward to a new prosperous year, the year of Golden Dragon in Asia.

Kim Matthew: Crista, Andrew and I just moved to Chelsea where we have become fans of the local football team. Main news is non-professional. I have been training for a couple of summer triathlons and am interested if any of our classmates could recommend a Sprint or Olympic distance race in a warm weather locale. I am currently planning a trip stateside for a race on Cape Cod in the summer.

Kazuhisa Misao: I moved to Tokyo two and half years ago from Osaka. I have been working at the same company, Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corporation. Since moving to the Head Office, I have been involved M&A business. It’s very impressive for me to observe the current situation in Japan. When I was at Wharton, Japanese companies acquired American companies, but now the situation is reversed.

Jean-Yves Charlier: Lola and I live in Windsor UK and I work for Equant as the President of the Integration Services division. 1999 was a challenging but rewarding year in terms of work. On the family side, our two daughters Chole and Celine are now respectfully 8 and 3 years old and are already fully bilingual in French and English.

Richard Deitch: I am currently Senior Vice President, Technology Investment Banking DLJ Securities in Dallas. My wife and I have a baby boy 5 months old, a daughter age 2-1/2, and another son age 6.

Bruce Gretz: I am Director of Business Development for yet2.com. I got married in June 1999 to Heather Donohue.

Jeff Kinzel has been named co-portfolio manager of the Stein Roe disciplined stock fund.Jeff Lund: I have been appointed vice president of business development and corporate marketing at Echelon Corp. I also serve on the board of directors of the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) Inc., a non-profit industry group working to define and promote an open standard for connecting the coming generation of smart consumer and small business appliances with commercial internet services.

Elaine Pappalyiou: I am still living in NJ and working for Merck & Co. I am currently working on a new assignment in International Market Research on various projects supporting our migraine and cardiovascular products. On the personal side, I recently became engaged to a fellow Merck employee, Stefano Rizzotto, who works in MSD Italy and is in the process of transfering to a position in the US. The wedding is going to take place in Greece in the fall and we are both very excited about it.

Scot Eisenfelder: My wife Jessica, daugther Megan (age 2) and I made the move from California to Michigan last January to take on the responsibility of expanding Andersen Consulting’s Automotive Strategy presence, which has allowed me many more nights at home and put me more in the flow of the auto industry.

Mark Mondello: In June of 1999 I left the comfort of So Cal and relocated to London. Contrary to rumor, I did not decide to leave the country because Dan Jansen had recently bought the house directly across the street from me in Manhattan Beach (or because my ego couldn’t handle losing to him in tennis on a regular basis). I am still with PwC and spend most of my time providing financial advice to internet start-ups and entertainment/media businesses.

Leenor Lee: Hello all. Bill and I are excited to announce the birth of Geoffrey William Fong on the 11th of January 2000. We just started a homepage for fun and uploaded some baby pictures. Check it out at the following web address:www.geocities.com/leenorandbill.

Monica Avellaneda & Richard Cannon: We are the proud parents of Isabela Nicole born: November 8, 1999. We enjoyed seeing Norm Savoie, Rani Haet , Michael Kustra, & Phil Fine at our daughter’s babtism in January. Still well and happy in Miami.

Trish Malbon: Doug Wilbourne (also WG ’91) and I got married in October of 1992. Doug and I own a small business which sells and modifies an accounting package called TRAVERSE. The package is written in MS Access and SQL 7.0 and is targeted to meet the needs of middle sized businesses. We currently have 10 employees and are growing. We are planning on opening a second office in New York City this year. On the home front, we have two children. Our little girl, Morganne, is 2 and a half years old and our son, David, is 1 year old. We live in Fairfield, CT. Our address is 110 Melin Drive, Fairfield CT 06430. Our telephone number is 203-255-3747.

Raj Sehgal: I’ve been in Silicon Valley since Wharton at SGI, Sun, and Sybase. In 1999, I co-founded an e-health startup that has the potential to shake the healthcare industry. We just closed our first VC round last month and are definitely on the startup treadmill. On the home front, Asha and I have a son, Rohan, who’s about to turn 5.

Steve Pinsky: Since we last spoke, I have left the corporate M&A world to join Josephthal, a small Investment Bank specializing in a full range of investing banking services catering to mid-sized and emerging companies. Because of its strong M&A advisory practice, I have been able to hit the ground running. My sincerest thanks go out to Tom Courtney for beginning a networking chain of events that led to this position. For those interested, my new phone number is 212-907-4110.

Gordon Henry: I’ve left Philadelphia Newspapers Inc. to accept an extremely exciting opportunity as VP Business Development at i-Open.com, an early-stage internet company that is developing a new type of media network. The i-Open network will consist of internet-enabled virtual billboards in shopping malls and other high-traffic public spaces allowing advertisers the ability to target consumers via dynamic real-time messaging over the web. The company is based just outside Philadelphia, so we aren’t moving! My new numbers are: phone (610) 499-0800, fax (610) 499-8696, e-mail: ghenry@i-open.com. Stay in touch.

Anil Pereira: We are proud to announce the arrival of Henry Alastair Pereira. Born 2/7/2000 7:16 p.m. 8 lbs. 9 ozs. 19.5 inches. Mom and Baby are home and doing great!

P.M. Steckmest: After getting married to Mina summer of 1997 on Key West, we remarried in church in Bergen May 1998. October 3, 1999 Michael was born and he is a happy little camper with dimples weighting around 17lbs. Still struggling finding the right thing to do, but having an OK time in the process.

Steve Collins: I’ve accepted a position as a Partner with WebVestors Equity Partners, an Orlando-based venture-capital firm. WebVestors invests in, and advises, early-stage internet ventures and operates an affiliated business incubator, iHatch.com.

Norm Savoie: I’m working in Business Development at El Sitio, one of the leading Latin American portals. I’m still based in Miami, but I’m traveling throughout the US and Latin America. My work e-mail address is nsavoie@elsitioinc.net.

Randi (Roy) Cutler: I have been busy on the personal front — I just had my second child (one week ago) a girl named Jordan and my son, Max is 3 years old. My husband, Howard and I just bought a house in Westport, Connecticut as we have clearly outgrown Manhattan apartment living. So it is an exciting and busy time for us. I will be a bridesmaid in Amy Perez’s wedding in May, along with Marilyn (Schwartz)Adler. Prior to leaving on maternity leave, I was working part-time as a Senior Health Care Consultant for Loeb & Troper, an audit and consulting firm specializing in the long-term care and not-for-profit sectors. It has been a great arrangement and I do intend to return in the early summer.

Kristin Kaepplein: I resigned from PwC and will be working full time on my startup, Investor’s Bullhorn. My new e-mail address ismailto:kristi@ibullhorn.com

Yoshiharu Yukihira: I’ve finally settled in California. This is the fourth place for me to live in the US. I hope I can enjoy my life here too. At least the weather is nice and so many Japanese restaurants in Torrance.

Todd Rowe recently joined Octane Software, Inc. as Vice President of Business Development.

Brian McDonald was recently appointed Vice president of Marketing for New Edge networks.

Jeremy Jonas was recently appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Peachtree Network , a leading provider of online grocery shopping services.