January 31, 2014

Lee Herzog: I am currently Brentwood Middle School Psychologist/Learning Specialist and in Private Practice in Los Angeles. Married to Jessica and we have 2 children: Sofia 12 and Samuel 10. Continue work on becoming a Psychoanalyst. I would love to catch up with classmates at any time. All my best, Lee

Lee Herzog

Jane Page: We had another great turnout for our Annual WG’91 Pre-Holiday Dinner in NYC, held at Otto Pizzaria on November 8th. Attendees included: Burt Rea, Hilary Kramer, Miguel Osio, Lorrie King, Chris Malone, Susan Moultrie, Evan Sturza, Stephanie Guilpin, PM Steckmest, Esenia Steckmest, Ed Allinson, Jeff Gross, Larry Ioffredo.

IMG_2929 IMG_2928


PM Steckmest: When inviting my wife Esenia to New York for her birthday in November we were fortunate to be invited to the annual Wharton New York Pre Holiday dinner. A big thank you to superhost Hilary Kramer, Jane Page (the party organizer) and Chris for keeping us all together. Esenia says that “it is always a great pleasure to see my husband’s Wharton classmates who besides their remarkable professional achievements, are naturally entertaining. Such meetings inspire me to work on my projects in Moldova”. We hope to see Whartonites again soon!!

Jonathan Lack: I am still in my home town of Houston raising my 15 year old son. I recently wrote a business book entitled Plan to Turn Your Company Around in 90 days published by Apress. I also launched an online health & wellness portal called Wellnicity.com.

Jonathan Lack

Linda Jenkinson: The big news is that the family (Nick, Tristram & Belle) are moving down under to Sydney for 2 years to be closer to the family and support the global growth of LesConcierges. I’m going to focus on building Asia and CEMEA. Really looking to catching up with all my Wharton kiwis and aussies!

Luncinda Duncalfe: In 2012 I founded a company, Real Food Works, that is on a mission to make it easy for people to eat real food, for our health and for the planet. We offer a weekly subscription program of healthy meals prepared by local independent restaurants to our high nutritional standards and delivered fresh to consumers. You can order 5, 10, or 15 meals/week or we have a weight loss program. I’m posting here because we’re looking for help. Based on a successful pilot in the Philadelphia area, we’re now testing shipping throughout the East Coast. If you would be interested in joining that test, you get free shipping, and deep appreciation from the team. 🙂 www.realfoodworks.com – use code ALPHASHIP

Lucinda Duncalfe

Steven Pinsky: Since my last update, I have been named EVP of Finance & Operations of Quaker Pet Group, a roll up of several popular pet product and accessory brands including Sherpa Carriers, goDog Toys, Hear Doggy Toys and Super Cat products. We are actively seeking acquisitions of pet product companies so please let me know if you know of any.

Chris Malone: Had a terrific dinner in Dallas in January with Rick Deitch, Sue Johnson and Bennett Robinson. Afterward Bennett took us for a spin in his Tesla Model S. Very cool!

Dallas DinnerIMG_1506 IMG_1508