October 31, 2001

Chris Eledu: Maureen and I have been blessed again with the addition of our third child, Ashley Ndidi Eledu who arrived on July 23, 2001. Our other children, Cassandra (8) and Robert (6) have been wonderful helpers at home with their baby sister. We are still living in Houston and I’m still working as Project Controller with ExxonMobil Development Company.

Frank Ganis: My wife Patti and I are proud to announce the arrival of Gabriel Francis Malone Ganis, born April 23rd, 2001 at 11:43 in the morning. He weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Also, we’ve moved to:
2991 Caribbean Court
Fairfax, VA 22031

Elaine Pappayliou Rizzotto: My husband Stefano Rizzotto and I are the proud parents of a baby girl- Alexia Angela born on July 9th. She weighed 8 lbs, 5 oz. Like her parents, Alexia is going to be an international traveller. She already has her passport and is going with her parents to Greece for 1 month.

John Rozario: My wife Lis and I joyfully announce the birth of Emily Daisy, born July 21, 2001, 6:52 am, 7 lbs 12 ounces.

David Searns: My wife Vicki and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our third child, Trevor Jordan Searns, born August 19th at 1:53 am. He weighed in at 7 lbs 13 ounces at birth and is doing very well.

Robert Jen: I joined Goldman Sachs right after school, was there until end of ’92, then joined Citibank doing currency options. Married Ginger in ’93 (whom I met at Wharton, undergrad, also class of ’91). Left Citibank in ’94 to join Credit Suisse, then back to Citibank. In early ’98, together with Ginger left New York to move to L.A. to do a start-up. Folded in ’00 and moved back to NYC. Right now I am at ABN AMRO as a currency option specialist. Currently live in Tribeca and commute to Chicago. Survived the WTC disaster intact.

As far as other WG’91 members, I have kept up with Don Truesdale (cohort J, I think), who is now an MD at Goldman in the Inv. Bkg Division, covering financial institutions (fund managers, mostly). I can be reached at deriv98@hotmail.com.

Janette Kessler Dudley: My husband, Will Dudley, and I reside in Williamstown, Massachusetts with our two beautiful kids, Cole (3) and Ella (1). Fortunately, we did not lose any close friends or family in the recent tragedy, although all of us have been deeply affected by it. Williamstown is the quintessential small college town — great scenery, small downtown, great cultural amenities — plus it has a terrific golf course. I work part time as a consultant in telecommunications and economic development, and Will teaches philosophy at Williams College. Please look us up if you’re passing through.

Matt Johnson: Working for CSFB in London. Doing Technology M&A. I enjoy it, despite the miserable market conditions at the moment. Still single, but looking occasionally. Plan to stay over in Europe for at least another four years…

Kris Aasted: After being at two national executive search firms, in September I started my own firm, Aasted & Associates. We are focusing on recruiting corporate officers to leading tech companies. The slowdown has hit everyone big time, but so far we’re keeping busy (fingers crossed). Call anytime: 858-456-4598. My wife and 3-year old son almost ended up on the United flight out of Boston that went into the WTC, but by luck made other plans. Am dearly
hoping none of our classmates fell in the attacks.

Katsuyuki Tokushima: I am busy working as Deputy General Manager of Investment Risk Management Office in Nippon Life Insurance. Also, I wrote a book and some articles about bond markets in Japan.

Lisa & Sanjay Sehgal: Wewere blessed with a baby girl, Kira Nell Sehgal, who arrived in the pink of health on Friday September 21st. Her pictures are at www.singnet.com.sg/~sksehgal. Both her siblings, Ryka who is almost 5 and Talen who is 2 are excited to have another toy.

Jordan Foster: I’m now working at OppenheimerFunds, and was at my desk in Two World Trade Center on the 34th floor the day of the attack. I escaped, as did all of my colleagues at OppenheimerFunds, but the full, twisted impact of the experience has yet to hit me fully. Denial can be a useful accomodation. I send my best to those who lost friends and family, and hope that we’ll never forget September 11th, and the myriad firefighters, police, EMS, and Port Authority employees who perished while guiding us to safety as debris rained.

Jon Last: Don’t know if I already updated you, but after 10 years in South Florida, I’m back in New York and back on a corporate payroll after profitably operating my own marketing research and strategy consulting practice for a few months. I joined The Golf Digest Companies as Executive Director, Corporate Marketing and Research back in August. I was actually in Miami on Sept. 11 and my colleagues and I wound up chartering a bus to get us back north after our flights were cancelled. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with a lot of the New York Wharton contingent.

Sauro Nicli: I am doing quite fine these days, and so does my family. In the dreadful events of mid-September, we have not lost anyone, very fortunately. Let’s hope for the best for all our WG fellows. As an update, since January 2001 I have moved with my wife Marie-Christine and our 2 daughters, Solenne and Chiara, to Singapore, where I have joined the Southeast Asia offices of McKinsey and Company. I am in my 4th year as a Principal and still having fun at work, despite the tough economic and political environments here in Asia. We couldn’t make it to the reunion, but I’ve heard that it was an eventful reunion: I expect to make it for the next one (by then Chiara should be almost 5 years old, Solenne 8.5 years old: travelling should be more convenient than with a baby and a 3 years old).

Lance Crist: My wife Maria Kozloski and I welcomed our third child, Tyler Samuel Crist
(8lb, 7oz) on August 29. With our twins Ray & Alexa just past 15 months, we have quite a load on our plates these days! Other than that, all’s well on our side here in Washington, DC.

Anil Pereira: All is fine with us in the Bay Area. Sheri, I and our 3 children (Lucie, Bennett and Henry) took the summer off to spend some quality time together at their “other” home on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Lots of beachcombing, sea kayaking and nature walks. I amstill at VeriSign, currently as SVP and Group General Manager of the Enterprise and Service Provider Division. I also serve on the boards of SF Interactive and SurePay.

Ashley Whittome: Married to Lucy, with 3 children, Vere (4), Allegra (2) and Luke (0), living in London, working as a managing director in investment banking for CSFB.

Brent Baum: You probably last heard from me when I moved out to LA in 1994 to be a member of the start-up team for Dreamworks. After a few years as DreamWorks’ head of Strategic Planning, I decided to start my own film company. In 1998, with a few partners, I launched Destination Films. For the next three years I served as Destination’s President and COO. My experience in the motion picture business encompassed the development, production, financing and/or distribution of over a dozen movies, some of which included: The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey; Eye of the Beholder, starring Ashley Judd and Ewan McGregor; Drowning Mona, starring Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, and Neve Campbell; Beautiful, starring Minnie Driver and directed by Sally Field; and the children’s movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad starring Alec Baldwin. This year, I moved on to the position of Chairman of a start up venture into which I had previously invested, ShowStyle. ShowStyle is a direct marketing company that provides celebrity worn fashions to a targeted consumer base. For a more detailed explanation please visit our website atwww.showstyle.tv

Rob Cain: I’m writing this note to you from an e-mail kiosk in Cannes, where I’m attending the MIPCOM convention as part of my effort to sell the worldwide television rights to the recent concert, “The 3 Tenors in the Forbidden City.” I was in Beijing in June as part of the team that produced the event, and I sold it to A&E network who broadcast the show in late September. I’m now looking for buyers in Europe and Asia. I have also been busy producing movies (one called “Tortilla Soup” which is in theaters now, and I have another with Wesley Snipes which should go into production in early 2002) and providing digital film production services to companies like Universal, Fox and HBO. There has been a major slowdown in Hollywood, but even so this still seems to be a good time to be involved in new film technologies, and business is still brisk. I hope to hear from classmates either at 310.663.8811, or at rob@sparkLLC.com.

Tammy McLeod: It was wonderful to see everyone at the reunion. My husband, John Hamilton, and I are already looking forward to the next one. Since May, we’ve been busy moving into a newly remodeled house. Seems like the work will never end!!

Elizabeth Groves: I have two announcements. I married the love of my life, David Marcellino, on May 12, 2001 in New York with some good Wharton friends on hand to help celebrate. And I was promoted to Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in the Principal Investment Area in October. I’ve changed my name (and email address and voicemail and all other means of frustrating her friends) to Marcellino. If I can get special dispensation on the 75-word limit, I also wishes to write on behalf of Meg Stone (Williams) (WG’92) who was also promoted to Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in the High Tech group in Menlo Park (as Meg is too humble to write on her own account).

Phil Wharton: Phil has joined LCOR, Inc. as Senior Vice President. LCOR is a national realestate develeopment, investment, operations and asset management firm that specializes in structuring and implementing public/private partnerships. With nine offices in the U.S., the firm’s portfolio includes approximately $10 billion of developments either completed, under construction or in pre-development.

Mark Overdyk: Mark has been appointed Director of Finance and Administration for Brown-Forman Spirits.

Arnold Holle: Denise and I continue to live in London (our sixth year here) and enjoy our three kids. M&A (Max and Adrian) are 4, Constantine not even one. We’re both in banking (me at UBS Warburg, she at Merrill Lynch) and lead a rather full life, in particular since we just overhauled our house from the ground up.

Karen Fukumura: I accepted a position with Bank of America, here in San Francisco. As a
SVP in their Technology and Operations division, I will assume management responsibility for the bank’s regional transaction services. It fits my personal and professional requirements 90%, so I thought I should take it. I will be managing one the bank’s six regional transaction services
centers. Will spend a fair bit of time on strategic initiatives (70%) to better leverage people and technology. Also, I scored on a great loft in the Oakland hills. Got a great view of the SF bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. So if you’re ever out here, please feel free to drop in.

Wharton West: The new Wharton West campus in San Francisco had a ribbon cutting ceremony last week, and Rich Pirrotta and I took the opportunity to get together with some of our SFO Classmates at Benihana in Burlingame while we were in town. Pictured left to right are Sean Crotty, Rich Pirrotta, Carrie Ericson, Chris Malone, Richard Sprague and Karen Fukumura.