October 15, 2005

Ted Nash: A son (Benjamin) was born in April, joining his brother (7 yrs.) and sister (3 yrs.). I also returned to the fold of investment banking in June, after an absence of nearly four years. I’m presently running the Mergers and Acquisitions group for CIBC World Markets in Toronto, most recently having been an SVP with the bank’s retail SBU.

Robyn Goldman: After a 3 year detour, I’m back in Philly! I am now the Director of Finance & Strategy at the Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board, where we oversee federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds in the city to help unemployed and underemployed youth and adults find training, education and jobs. I guess I’m addicted to the non-profit world! We’re living in Elkins Park and are thrilled to be back. My three girls (Emily-16, Alyona-11 and Alexis-9) have had quite an adventure these past few years in Colorado and Providence, but are ready to settle down. I’d love to get back in touch with old friends! My home e-mail is rlgoldman@verizon.net.

Lisa & Sanjay Sehgal: Hello from the USA! We’ve made it, unpacked (pretty much) and are trying to acclimate to the US. Princeton is a pretty little town in a beautiful part of the US – country roads, farms, etc. Very green, fresh air. Its nice.

The house is working out well – 4 bedrooms plus an office cum guest room for when you are ready for a visit. We are a bit over an hour from NYC by train, so that’s not too bad. Don’t ask – just let me know when to expect you – I’ll be ready. We are all waiting for school to start on 8 Sept. Ryka & Talen will go to the same elementary school, and Kira will start at a local pre-school. Everything is under 2 miles from the house, so that is comfortable.

We can easily walk into the little town of Princeton, which pretty much services Princeton University. Shopping is mostly strip-mall based, as it tends to be now in the US, and you have to deal with lots of large sized vehicles driven by very large sized people. Oh well, guess that’s what happens when everything is supersized. I only hope I don’t become supersized too!

Sanjay is continuing to travel, working on his fund raising for East West Capital Partners, based in Singapore. So if you see an airplane pass overhead, give a wave as he is likely to be inside…I know, same old, same old..

Lisa & Sanjay Sehgal

Ryka, Talen & Kira
3 Hamilton Avenue
Princeton, NJ 08542
ph: 609 924 3789
Lisa’s cell: 609 529 5716
Lisa’s email: lpsehgal@gmail.com
Sanjay’s cell (US): 609 529 5718
Sanjay’s cell (Singapore): 65 9675 6436
Sanjay’s email: sehgal@iname.com
Please drop us a note when you can, as we’d love to hear from you.

Bruce Gretz: Heather and I welcomed a new member into the family—-and this time it’s a boy! Big sisters Olivia, 4 ½, and Charlotte, 2 ½, are delighted to have Christian as their baby brother. Christian was born March 4, 2005 in LA. He is a big boy, squarely into 12-month clothes even before his 6-month birthday. We are all fitting snugly into our Hermosa Beach bungalow. My start-up company, TRAX Systems, is closing in on its second anniversary. TRAX has developed some new security markings for unit-level tracking of packaged goods that can be scanned with a camera phone. Check out www.traxsi.com.

George Clark: GASP, I haven’t made an update in 15 years. Patty and I are celebrating our 18th year of marriage this year. We have three beautiful children and now live in Greenville, SC. Our children are all quite amazing 14 (Price), 12 (Abigail), and 5 (Elizabeth). Patty and I have both left the service sector and are now in a full skill push in manufacturing. I imagine I am the only MBA in the free world that is running a textile company. After consulting and banking, I am happy to be making something that you can touch. We own Pure Country Weavers, a specialty manufacturer of textile wall décor (tapestry wall hangings), individual woven photo blankets, college stadium blankets (including Wharton), and gift products for small retailers. I was very happy to see my products in the Penn bookstore on a recent visit to campus. If anyone is coming through the southeast, please drop by.


109 Antigua Way
Greer, SC 29650
c: 828-817-2890


1 Skylar Rd
Lynn, NC 28750
phone. 828-859-9916
fax 828-859-9940

Jordan Foster: Now Director-Consultant Relations at OFI Institutional Asset Management (the institutional investment management division of OppenheimerFunds, a firm at which I’m a Vice President). Still living in New York, on the Upper West Side. Interested in seeing any classmates if they’re in town, temporarily or permanently. My email: hjfoster@yahoo.com. Still single, but looking to settle down and reproduce before I’m ancient. I hope to make the reunion.

Lance Crist: In August there was a six clan get-together in Sun Valley, Idaho — Carl Steffens, Frank Wheeler, Jeff Anderson, Rich Joseph, Kristin Farrell, Maria Kozloski and I all got together, with our spouses and 15 kids, Kristin’s 2 dogs and Carl’s skateboard. Our aching post-mountain biking joints suggested we aren’t as young as we once were, but we’re hoping for a re-match in 2 years and look to expand the crew (preferably with more friends rather than more kids!).

Diane McGrath: I’ve had a busy year since joining Reckitt Benckiser as the Global Head of Licensing at the end of 2004. Reckitt Benckiser (www.Reckitt.com) , a leading consumer goods company, produces and distributes brands such as Woolite, Lysol, Calgon, Dettol, Veet and AirWick. The company operates in 60 countries, and sells in 180. I am identifying, developing and executing global and regional licensing deals that incorporate the Reckitt Benckiser brands and their unique product propositions.

As a Board Member for the Lauder Alumni Association, I organized a breakfast for alums with Leonard Lauder, Chairman of Estee Lauder Inc., as keynote speaker. I also enjoyed serving as a member of the Organizing Committee for the Wharton Alumni Conference in London that took place in June. I was honored to be invited by the Wharton Women’s Network to speak on the subject of “Breaking through the Glass Ceiling” at Morgan Stanley’s offices this summer.