October 15, 2000 Updates

October 15, 2000
Class Correspondent WG ’91
Chris Malone

We’ve got updates from 27 of our WG ’91 classmates this time. I also have an e-mail address for everyone listed here, so let me know if you need help contacting any of them.

Heinan Landa: I’m living in Maryland, married to Melissa, with two adorable (and very energetic) kids aged 2 and 4 running around. My company, Optimal Networks, is on the rise and we are making quite a name for ourselves in the DC metro area. We provide computer and network support to the small business market. I would love to hear from any other classmates if
they’re passing through!.

Mark Solomon: In April, I joined GHR Systems, a mortgage technology company in Wayne, PA, as VP of Professional Services. GHR is pre-IPO and I am working the requisite killer hours. If I didn’t announce it before, our second son Adin Boaz was born in January and our family is doing great.

Claudia Franco & Victor Mandel : We are now living in Washington, DC as Victor has taken a position as CFO for an Internet company, while I am continuing my financial work at the Columbian Trade Bureau.

David Bialer: My wife, Mary McNear (who was the roomate of George Montague’s WG ’91 wife, Nan), have been living in San Francisco and have 2 children – Harry, 5, and Rose, 2. I was Sr. VP and General Manager of BSQUARE, a company based outside Seattle that creates embedded technology and builds all sorts of intelligent computing devices. I helped bring the
company public last year and now have around 500 employees. I commuted for 2 years between San Francisco and Seattle, Tokyo, and Munich, and then opened an office in the Bay Area so I could spend more time with my family. I recently decided to explore new opportunities with startups in the Bay Area, and have slowed down my traveling and work schedule to enjoy spending time with my kids.

Harry Thomas: I’ve recently moved to Seattle with Verizon Wireless as Vice President of Marketing for the Northwest. I’m looking forward to getting established in the Seattle community.

Vince Ostrosky: I am the Partner responsible for the Supply Chain Management Consulting Service Group at PriceWaterhouseCoopers for high technology industry clients in the Silicon Valley.

Mark Stone: Meg (Meg Williams WG 92) and I had our first child. Alex Elizabeth was born 8.19.00 and is doing wonderfully.

Lance Crist: On June 18, my wife Maria Kozloski (WG ’91) gave me the best Father’s Day present a guy could ask for — twins! Ray Henry and Alexa Chiara have kept us fully occupied for the summer, and we look forward to sleeping again sometime in the new millenium.

Angela Brown: I am currently Director, Business Consulting at Telecordia Technologies in Atlanta and am responsible for business development in the Southeast region.

Jewelia Margueritta Cameroon: Variable “artist”-performance, photography, printmaking, digital, – interested in how MBA concepts such as flexible manufacturing, entrepreneurship, AI/robotics, continuous improvement, portfolio theory, linear programming, bundling, simulation, networked Bayesian Trees and other decision methods under uncertainty, . ultimately could
encourage multiperspectival switching-thinking as the standard toward seeing the world, both locally as in globally and spiritually as in Big-Bang; and reconceptualizing our selves toward becoming as intensely part of that mass market IPO Universe Inc.

Ramin Siahpoosh: I’ve accepted an offer as VP at MarketBridge (Oxford Associates), and I am moving back to the Washington DC area with my wife Daneh and my children Yasmin (4) and Darius (1).

Mark Stuckelman: I’ve been in San Diego for the past 5 years. I’ve been working at Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management, an institutional investment management firm with over $45 billion in assets under management,and was named a partner in September 2000.

Tim Nash: Jody and I just had our third daughter, Lucy Wilcox Nash, who was born on September 22nd. She weighed in at 9 Lbs. 3 oz. so I’d be willing to bet her first word will be Phillycheezesteak. Along with her two big sisters Hannah (5) & Sophie (4) and my wife Jody, I am looking forward to the 10th Reunion in May.

Lucinda Duncalfe: Big news! We had a baby girl, Emma Bissell Holt, on 7/27/00 at 1:34 p.m. 8 lbs 1 oz. Mom is back to work today and dad is staying home.

Michael Luxenberg: Greetings to all. I’m still at Merck in the Marketing department and enjoying life in West Orange NJ with my wife Bobbi and my 3 girls, Sherri, Melyssa and Rachel. Would love to hear from old classmates at 201-269-6654 ormichael_luxenberg@merck.com.

Russ Stockdale: I am a VP at Microsoft responsible for marketing and business planning for one of four product divisions. I took a long-anticipated sabbatical in July & August. My wife, Kristi, & I celebrated our 15th anniversary in July. Family vacations, high school reunions, boating & waterskiing made for a busy but relaxing summer with our kids Katie (7), Rachel (4)
and Mark (2).

Jill (Wolk) Strassberg: I am happy to announce the birth of Jessica Michelle on August 22nd. Mom and baby are fine and Daddy Steven is thrilled. Mom will be a stay-at-home mom for a few years.

Jon Freedman: My wife Pan and Ihad our first child (Will Mandell Freedman) on August 5, 2000. Effective October 14, the entire familly is relocating to Paris, where Jon will join his company’s global strategy and marketing department. Please feel free to contact me at my new e-mail address: jon.freedman@lyonnaise-des-eaux.fr.

Vesa Vanhanen: I have changed jobs in Brussels and I’m currently dealing with the access to finance of small and medium-size enterprises in Europe. The work is mainly about Union policies and recommendations for EU member states concerning venture capital issues, business angels, loan guarantee schemes and so on.

Dave Bailey: This past spring, Education Transfer and the Mid-Atlantic Workforce Brokerage organized a huge event called Tech Summit 2000 for the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and Wilmington’s Enterprise Community. It served about half of the 9th-grade population in New Castle County, Delaware, and was carried in the news programs of ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS in Philadelphia. We’re now organizing Tech Summit 2001!

Jung Won Lee: I’ve just moved to Standard Chartered Bank Seoul Branch to work as the VP of Institutional Sales. I married in 1996 and have a baby girl. TEL (Office) 822-750-6122 (Home) 822-749-0552 (Mobile) 822-11-9749-7236.

Patty Woo: After a long, fruitful career in banking, I decided this year to test my talents in fashion design. This past March, I founded a women’s golf apparel company called “Woo Gear.” We debuted our first Spring 2001 Collection in September (www.woogear.com), and are now knee-deep in production. Life has taken some crazy turns, but it’s a lot of fun!

Keith Goldberg: I’m in the Bay Area since graduation with wife Robin (WG’ 90) and two children (Jeremy – 5, and Matthew -2). I took the summer off to spend with the kids and am now going back to the real world. I am starting a new job as VP of Marketing with Biz360, a start-up in the competitive intelligence space. Contact me at kgoldberg@biz360.com

Mike Newell: Jenifer and I are living in Davis, CA and having a great time with our three daughters – Holly, 11, Tara, 9, and Marea,5. I am still working in the family business, Crystal Cream & Butter Co., as V.P. of Marketing and President of Vitafreze, Crystal’s frozen confections subsidiary. Thus far we have been pretty successful at taking advantage of niche
opportunities in the rapidly consolidating dairy industry. We hope to make it back for the 10 year reunion.

Steve Kuenzli: Pictures from our August wedding can be found at online at http://www.geocities.com/stkuenzli/

Kevin Burns: Solectron Corporation has elected Kevin Burns an officer of the Company and promoted him to Senior Vice President and Chief Materials Officer.