January 15, 2001 Updates

January 15, 2001
Class Correspondent WG ’91
Chris Malone

We’ve got updates from 16 of our WG ’91 classmates this time. My own annual update is available at www.ga.malone.org. I also have an e-mail address for everyone listed here, so let me know if you need help contacting any of them.

Javier Gomez de Olea: I am still with Mercer Management Consulting in Madrid. I was elected a Vice President of the firm in October. Most of my consulting work is for elecommunication operators in Europe. María, my wife, is still practicing Orthodontics. Her clinic is quite busy. In addition to our jobs we are enjoying life with Álvaro (7), Beatriz (5), and our last addition to the family, Elena, born on May 10, 1998.

David Thevenon: As you may have heard I have now been enjoying Australia for the past six years. We moved here after a vacation around the country, convinced by the Aussie Whartonites that we could not go wrong doing so. It has been good, our family now includes 16 months old Timothy who is great joy. Professionally after a few years in management consulting, I became an entrepreneur and started the first budget motel chain Down Under (like Motel6). I recently sold it to the big hotel group ACCOR, and now I work in technology, for a broadband ISP/Telco. We may move sometime to the US, but not quite sure how soon.

Carrie Ericson: We welcomed Richard Victor Owens into the world at 3:21am on Friday the
13th of October under a full moon!!! Pretty auspicious beginning huh?? Kids are great, mom is recovering from c-section, and Grandma is helping out as is dear old Dad. I’m taking off of work through beginning of January and loving every minute!!

Mike deVegvar: It’s a girl! Emily was born on Tuesday October 17th in London weighing in at 8 lb 10.6 oz (3.93 kg). My wife Sybille and Emily are doing well and say hi to everyone. Oh, by the way, I’m doing fine as well, working for UBS Warburg as Director Equity Trading.

David Harper: I recently accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer at Noble International, Ltd. Noble is a leading supplier of automotive parts, component assemblies and value-added services to the automotive industry and a leading supplier of dedicated
regional logistic services.

Jim Trout: This year I left my development position with ProLogis (previously Security Capital Industrial Trust), a Denver based real estate investment trust that I helped start upon leaving New York City in 1993. In the summer, I launched TeraSpace Networks, a real estate and data communications company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. TeraSpace Networks is a Hillwood
company, whose chairman and owner is Ross Perot, Jr. Our team is having a great time with our first projects – you can find out more about the venture at www.teraspacenetworks.com. In November, I got engaged to Cheryl Ann Glenn of Garland, Texas. Cheryl is a beautiful, wonderful woman – I look forward to introducing her to everyone next year.

Stephan Tanda: In August the we moved to St. Louis, where I have taken over as President of DuPont’s Protein Technologies unit – a $ 500 MM food ingredient business dedicated to help bring to market great tasting, innovative and healthy soy foods (check it out atwww.suprosoy.com !). Our daughters Nicole, 3 and Rebecca, almost 7 are doing great. Sabina and I struggle to keep them speaking German at least once in a while. Our dog from Philly – Hemingway – is still with us – 6 moves later!

Jim Kuo: I recently accepted the position of Vice President, Business Development at Metabasis Theraputics, Inc. Metabasis is a privately held, biopharmaceutical company in San Diego that develops proprietary products for the treatment of human disease with a focus on diseases that involve the liver.

Mark Stone: Meg (Williams WG 92) and I welcomed our first – girl – Alex Elizabeth – into the world in August. We’re still learning, but loving every minute of it.

Miguel Osio: Still living in our beautiful New York City since June’91. What a great decade filled with challenges, fun times and great family life with my wife Laura and two boys Miguel Jr. (9 years old, hockey player, and doing well at the Buckley school in NYC) and Alec (5 years old, soccer player, and joining Miguel in Buckley). Since we bought our car in 1996 we have become big fans of the Adirondaks and Catskills. As a matter of fact we bought a weekend home in New Paltz where we enjoy lots of activities: running, biking, rock climbing, etc. Regarding work life, after 6 years in Institutional sales and Equity Capital Markets in
Goldman Sachs, I decided to become a high networth private banker, but I had to move to Morgan Stanley because Goldman Sachs Private Banking for Latin America is done out of Miami. Too bad because I don’t enjoy job changes, but my family and I just love the New York life too much, and we only enjoy Miami for brief visits. At the end, all of these fine investment banks are very much the same. It is the banker, his loyalty and care for customers and ethics what makes the difference!

Frank Wheeler: In mid-October, I left the Van Kampen Mutual Fund unit of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and joined Merrill Lynch Investment Mangers. I took the position of Chief Marketing Officer for the Pacific Region located in Tokyo. My family moved to Tokyo in December and we just celebrated our first Christmas and New Years in Japan. I look forward to getting to know Asia better over the next few years. Unfortunately, the move decreases my odds of making it to the Tenth Year Reunion in Philadelpia.

Tyler Hathaway: I’m still working for Renaissance Technologies, where I’ve been since 1996. We’ve tried to keep a low profile, but somehow became the cover story of the Nov 2000 Institutional Investor. I’ve been trading all sorts of things, from European stock futures to high volatility equities. Electronic markets continue to bring a lot of change to trading in general. I’m still a lieutenant in the PA National Guard, despite living in Manhattan. I may be spending three weeks this year as part of the OPFOR at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin. My biggest challenge of the past year has been the New York City kindergarten challenge (yes, my son is now almost 5), which I think is something unique to New York. Those who have been through it will understand.

Jeff Kinzel: Continue to work for Stein Roe in Chicago. Am co-managing several mutual funds, all of which will be merged into the Liberty Select Value fund (a mid-cap value fund) in January. Our parent is up for sale so who knows where I’ll be employed by yearend. My wife Martha and I continue to enjoy raising our energetic 8 and 4 year old boys; Chicago; and singing in a great choir at Northwestern University.

Harry Thomas: I recently got a promotion with Verizon Wireless to Vice President, Marketing – Northwest Area. I’ve relocated to Seattle and have also recently gotten engaged.

Gordon Henry: My wife Debbie and I will be joining the elite “My Three Sons” club with Boy Henry (name TBD) set to arrive in early June. He will join older brothers Oliver, now 5, and Spencer, now 2 1/2.

Peter Ax: Beverly Bradway Ax (Cohort H) and I are living in Scottsdale, Arizona with our three children, ages 5, 3, and 1. Since leaving Lehman Brothers in 1997, I have been involved in a number of ventures including SpinCycle, Cleanwave, and CashX. Bev is enjoying her role as a full time mom (also left Lehman Brothers in 1997) and seems to put more mileage on her
SUV in a single month than I do in a full year.

Also, classmate Ashok Kumar, Managing Director and Senior Computer Hardware and Semiconductors Analyst with Piper Jaffray, was named by SmartMoney Magazine as one of the “30 Most Influential People in Investing”, a list which also included the likes of Alan Greenspan and Warren Buffett. Congratulations Ashok!