April 15, 2003

Ashley Whittome: The last year has seen a lot of change for me. My life is now surrounded by sheds and plots! I do not work full time for CSFB in investment banking any more, but continue to work with them on a consultancy arrangement with certain clients and transactions. Following the death of my father two years ago, I have taken over responsibility for our family property business, which is mainly based in Australia and focuses on land sub-development (hence the plots). I have also started a new business, a UK industrial property fund (hence the sheds). My partner in this business is David Saville, who is the ex-managing director of Saville Gordon, a public company that was recently bought out by a Morgan Stanley Private Equity sponsored deal. The asset size of the fund is now $50 M. Lucy, my wife, is very well and our three children, Vere, Allegra and Luke (all under 6) are keeping us out of mischief! We are also moving house to Hampshire in the spring.

Leenor Lee: Happy Chinese New Years. To great health, happiness, and wealth!
I’ve recently moved to Merrill Lynch. My details are as follows:
Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific
18/F, Asia Pacific Tower
3 Garden Road, Hong Kong
tel. 852- 2536- 3633
fax. 852-2536-3644
If anyone is visiting HK, drop us a line. Bill Fong, is with investor AB, managing their telecom/ enabling technology venture capital fund. Marcus (17months) just started walking. Geoffrey (3 yrs old) just started school and takes care of his ‘lil brother.

Norm Savoie: I’ve found a new job and am now working for Smith Barney in their Private Wealth Management area. Right now I’m working on getting my securities licenses again (they have all lapsed) so I won’t actually be managing accounts until June. Once I do, though, I intend to develop a national client base of targeted High Net Worth individuals. I expect to have a good concentration of clients in Philadelphia, given my contacts there. I’m really excited about the new job and look forward to starting managing client accounts. In the meantime, though, here is my new contact information:
Smith Barney, Inc.
666 Fifth Avenue, 13th Fl.
New York, NY 10103
e-mail: normand.r.savoie@smithbarney.com

Dave Markus: Two years ago a partner and I set up a distressed debt hedge fund, Delaware Street Capital. We have grown the fund nicely to $100 million in assets and a staff of six. These are certainly interested times to be investing and I am enjoying the challenges. On top of that I am the proud father of a 5 year old son, Nicholas and a 2 year old daughter, Nora. So between work and family, I have approximately 15 minutes of free time every month. I am still living in New York City and loving it. I look forward to receiving emails at Markus@dscllc.com.

Roy Nemoto: I continue to live with my ever-expanding family in Colorado… wife/Tracie, biological daughter/Kiana (6), foster daughter/Geneva (14), dog/Tiebee, and very pregnant kitty/Daisy Duck. I have been assigned 2 new roles at Matheson Tri-Gas. As Director, Global Accounts, I am the quarterback for 5 semiconductor manufacturers and 3 tool makers. As Corporate Liaison, I serve as the liaison between our company and the parent, Nippon Sanso Corporation. If anybody is working in this crazy semiconductor industry, I invite you to get in touch with me to compare notes. RNemoto@aol.com. I hope everybody is living a healthy and meaningful life!

Tim Ling: I’m a senior analyst specializing in media and telecommunications for ABP Investments, the largestDutch pension fund. We manage a hedge fund that allows us to take long or short positions in any security in the capital structure in investment grade, fixed income, high yield, special situations and equity. Due to such characteristics, last year was my best performance ever! For leisure, I’m currently performing with jazz flutist, Sherry Winston (www.sherrywinston.com) and take guitar lessons from jazz guitarist Mark Whitfield. Sherry and I are exploring making a new CD together.

Alok Prasad: Mitali and I have been in the Boston area since ’92. We have two wonderful boys Ishaan and Arnav (if I can say so myself). They turned 3 this January. I am leading a venture capital company called Beacon Technology Ventures (www.btechventures.com). Mitali is a portfolio manager with Babson mutual funds. We would love to see other folks from our class call us or visit us when they come to Boston. We recently visited Steve (WG’91) and Natasha Minsky. Steve is running his own software company backed by VC firm Polaris. Steve had a great St. Patrick’s Day party. The Boston St. Patrick Day Parade went right by his house. We saw Sharad Rastogi (WG’91) and his wife at the party. Sharad recently got married and he and his wife have been traveling to a new city almost every two weeks. Sharad is a Principal at the management consulting firm PRTM.

Marian Schloss Merritt: I’ve left the world of product management for the wonderful and weird world of the web, as Symantec’s newly minted Director of Online Consumer Business. In this new role, I’ll be managing the customer experience via our website for end users and small businesses for Internet security software and services. It’s very challenging and exciting and is sending me on lots of intra-California flights up to San Jose. I hope everyone who is using our Norton or Symantec products will send me your feedback atmmerritt@symantec.com On a personal note, our latest addition, Hannah Rose, is nearly two years and is such a bundle of fun. Her big sister, Madeline and big brother, Paul both adore and torment her. The two big kids enjoy their ice skating and drama classes and are looking forward to summer camp. I drive the neighborhood carpool every morning, which keeps me in touch with what’s new in minivans, SUVs and Radio Disney.

Bill Gerardi: I was appointed National Medical Director for BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois in December 2002.

Jay Mohr: It’s been a very busy, exciting quarter on this end. We recently closed a merger between my company, Variagenics, a Cambridge-based biotech company (developing diagnostic tests to predict response to cancer drugs) and Hyseq Pharmaceuticals, located in Sunnyvale, CA. While our business model rapidly evolves towards developing specialty pharmaceuticals, we will be divesting our other businesses (i.e., “selling the company twice”). Saw classmate Keith Kerman at the Wharton Healthcare Conference last month – great event and attendance. I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a timely Biotech M&A panel. Family life, particularly youth hockey, is the focus of my time away. Kids Joe (14), Jonathan (12) and Katherine (6) are all happy and healthy!

Bruce Gretz: We have a new addition to the family! Charlotte Sophia was born Jan 21, 2003 and is doing very well. For the past year my main client has been ITOCHU Corporation. I am setting up a tech transfer operation based in their Aviation subsidiary in El Segundo. I am also planning to raise a seed fund for high tech ventures later this year. Anyone who would like to get involved, please contact me soon. bruce@alphattc.com.

Ted Nash: In March 2002, Nancy, our two children (James and Abigail) and I moved from Toronto to London, which we are thoroughly enjoying. I was transferred by CIBC Capital Partners to set up an office focussed on direct private-equity co-investments in European LBO transactions. We live in Holland Park and may be reached locally at 020-7603-7104.

Guy Hurley: My Absolute Alpha Opportunistic Fund was awarded the Infovest Multi-Strategy Fund of the year award in New York in February with a return of 10.5%. Sam and the girls are all well, and we run into Monica Richter, her daughter Kyra and her husband Wolfgang on a regular basis over Sunday morning breakfast at a small bistro in Clapham.

Clark Chester: I have taken a new position at Fidelity Investments. I am a sales trader on the Portfolio Trading Desk. We are located in Jersey City, NJ. Previously, I was a principal equity trader on the NASDAQ desk. My wife Lana is pregnant with our third child.

Rick Deitch: Given the state of investment banking, I have decided to take a year (or more!) off from work to renovate our new 80-year-old house in Dallas. Wife Janese and kids (Trey – 9, Kendall – 5, Aidan – 3, and Ryan – 1) all doing great, but worried Dad will drive them nuts if he’s home too much!

David Thevenon: After quite a few years in consulting (at Bain), I moved to Australia and established a chain of economy motels down under, that I sold to global hotel group ACCOR in 2000. Since then, I have been running my own consultancy, Hub Consulting, focusing amongst other things on supply chain management (and of course hotel investments). I am married with one 3 year old boy, and it is to my great joy that I caught-up with Ed Cappabianca in London last summer.

Michele Crumes: Still waiting for Spring to spring after a harsh winter in the Northern Virginia area. In the meantime, I am still working at Kaiser Permanente headquarters in Oakland, but based in Fairfax, VA. I recently got a new role as Director, Regional Planning and Decision Support where I consult with our Ohio, Georgia and Mid-Atlantic Regions on all aspects of business planning and performance management. My boys Alex, 4 and Zachary, 1, are keeping me on my toes. We just came back from a visit to New York City where we had brunch hosted by Lorrie King, WG ’91

Nancy Deutsch Moloff: After 2 wonderful years at home being mom to my two kids (Claire age 5 and David age 2), I recently rejoined the workforce. I’m working at CRA RogersCasey, which consults to large corporate pension plans, endowments and the like on asset allocation, investment stategy and implementation. I evaluate and recommend international equity funds for our clients. It is a nice change from my old employer, Morgan Stanley, and I’m thrilled I no longer have to commute into NYC. My husband, Andrew Moloff (WG ’92) also recently switched jobs; he’s now head of institutional US equity investing at Citigroup Asset Management, after 8 years at Sanford Bernstein (now AllianceBernstein). We’re still living in New Rochelle, NY and would love to hear from classmates. I can be reached at nancy.moloff@crarogerscasey.com (w: 203-656-6715) or


Anna Nekoranec: Lots of news. I got married last July in Anguilla and instantly became a mother or rather, stepmother. I now have an adorable 12 year-old who is teaching me the ropes. In addition, I relocated my permanent residence to Longboat Key, FL although I am still keeping an apartment in New York. Finally, I changed jobs and am heading up the private equity operations of an asset management company called The Mayfair Group. We are actively seeking investments in consumer branded products and services companies. So if you see something of interest, please give me a call! My new email is aneko@vzavenue.net and my phone number is 212-774-6118.

Bret Sewell: I got married in February and my wife, Chris(tine), and I just returned from our safari honeymoon in Africa. We are both taking some time off work to travel, work in our garden and undertake other projects before we return to work at Cisco (Chris) and Qualcomm (me). We live in Atherton, California. Email is bretsewell@aol.com.

Dan Jansen: Life is good out in Manhattan Beach with our third child on the way (this time a little girl for Tyler (4) and Will (2) to torment). I’m still at BCG and am running the entertainment practice in the US now which is fun, and it keeps me in town a fair amount.

Rich Pirrotta: Although time is flying past, many good things have been unfolding. This past semester, I was able to fulfill a dream of teaching at Wharton. With co-instructor Charlie Howland, I’ve been teaching the MGMT/LGST 815 class on Environmental Management and Policy. Can’t beat having an office in the new Huntsman Hall! Being in Philadelphia, it’s been great to visit withChris and Beth Malone–and Leslie Benoliel sponsored one of the class projects in her role as the Director of the Philadelphia Development partnership. On the career front, thanks to the initiative and encouragement of Derek Mazula, WG ’90, I transitioned from D&T and accepted a position with Syntegra, the global consulting subsidiary of British Telecom. I was recently promoted to Vice-President for the Americas Manufacturing practice. On one of our trips to Syntegra’s HQ in London, Kat and I spent a great evening with Mike and Sybille DeVegvar and their two beautiful daughters. We also hosted Jane Page in Birmingham when she came out with a fun team to celebrate a big birthday for Jeff Varick, and had a chance to showcase Kat’s photography gallery.