April 15, 2002

Sarah Thomas: I just had my second child, a boy, Ryan Henry Smith on 1/19/02. He is doing well and my daughter Natalie, 5 1/2, has adjusted beautifully to no longer being the center of our universe. We are still living in Darien, CT and enjoying it. I am currently on maternity leave from my job with Pepperidge Farm where I have been working, part time, for the past 1 1/2 years. The job is good – I work on Cookie Innovation. Not a bad gig, tasting cookies for a living!

Seiji Sato: I have been in finance since 1991 and working at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in New York. At this moment, I originate structured finance products for our customers in Latin America. My daughter Kei is at 4th grade now. Dana, my wife, is working as a product manager of apparel company. We have been in New York since 1995. We can be reached at ssato1@aol.com

T.J. Gallagher: Tricia and I celebrated the birth of our third son, Keary Joseph, on April 5th, 2002.

Robert Pines: I am family focused. David Dylan is 2-1/4 and keeps us jumping. He begins Nursery School in September. Lori spent months on his applications and interviews (the trauma associated with NYC nursery school admissions is real). Lori is happy as a Partner in Litigation at Weil, Gotshal & Manges. I continue to grow INFONXX. We recently opened a site in the Philippines and plan to enter the UK market this year.

Valerie Russell Emmott: My family and I are enjoying our second year in Bristol, England, following 6 in London. Have met no Whartonians yet, so please get it touch if you’re here! My consulting business, Emmott Solutions Ltd, experienced a slow first year, but 2002-2003 looks good. The focus is on e-learning, organisational change and building performance capability through people. Am also exploring the future of business and the many alternative facets through the New Academy of Business based in Bristol as well (see www.futurebusiness.org.uk)

Bruce Gretz: Heather and I are still living in Hermosa Beach, CA with our one-year-old Olivia. I am focusing on my consulting practice in technology transfer and commercialization while doing a few start-ups—one is software for collalborative R&D and the other is a hand-held device for breast cancer screening.

Maria Kozloski: Lance (that is, Lance Crist, my husband, also WG91) & I and our little ones (Alexa, Ray & Tyler) just hosted our annual Cherry Blossom weekend in DC. John & Renee Sibson, Rich Joseph, Carl Steffens, Mark & Kathy Lippman and their twins Rachel & Aaron, Rob Urbach, Nina Zegger, Frank & Christine (Christine also went to Wharton) Wheeler and their children Hunter & Jackson and Jeff & Patty Anderson and their daughter Carrie all converged at our house on April 7th for a big brunch after many of us ran the Cherry Blossom 10-miler that morning. The
weekend was filled with all sorts of events (great food prepared by John & Renee, trips to Rock Creek Park and the zoo, a pre-race pasta fest courtesy of Carl, a stellar performance by Rich (58:28) and a complicated game — designed by Rich and transcribed into a spreadsheet by John — to predict who would finish the race when), the weather was great and DC was full of cherry blossoms at their peak. We were so happy to see everyone — we are already making plans for next year so anyone heading to town should let us know. In the meantime, many of us will be gearing up for the “Urbanator” — a 10-sport event (running, swimming, biking, skeet shooting, you name it) to celebrate Rob Urbach’s upcoming 40th birthday. Wish us luck!

Jean-Yves Charlier: With the recent completion of the Equant and Global One merger along side the majority interest that France Telecom has taken in the new company, I have decided to leave Equant to drive new challenges and have joined EMC, the leading storage company. The last six years at Equant have been both exhilarating and rewarding as I was one of the top 3 executives to lead the growth of the company from $300 million in 1996 to over $3 billion last year. I have joined EMC to work with Joe Tucci, the company’s CEO whom I have known for a number of years and worked with at Wang, to focus initially on redesigning the Go-To-Market Model for the company on a global basis and then to manage a substantial part of the worldwide operations. During the first 90 days of the Go-To-Market Model project, I will be commuting between London and Boston.

Jorge Alberto Jiménez: Last year, together with Cristina, we decided to move from Bogotá to Madrid, Spain, in what was initially intended as a sabbatical year. After lots of traveling and reading, I gave up to the job temptation and recently became CEO of the spanish subsidiary of TDF, the France Telecom tower company. Our son Pedro is already 8 and we are expecting a little Ana for June. Life in Madrid has proved to be extremely pleasant for all of us.

Dean Potashner: After 11 years trading with Susquehanna, I recently quit to start my own company Lomax Trading LLC, named after my son Logan Max.

Timothy Parker: After a decade I have returned (most recently from Miami) to my hometown of Philadelphia. I have joined the Campbell Soup Company as the Director, U.S. Soup Finance. After their respective facelifts, the City of Brotherly Love and Penn campus are incredibly vibrant and full of positive energy.

Linda Jenkinson: Nick and I had a healthy baby boy last August – Tristram Sinclair Moult. We continue to reside in Sausalito, California and I am the proud CEO of a dot.com that is still in business and is profitable (touch-wood). Still a budding entrepreneur trying to rule the world…

Tim Nash: I just hooked up with Dave Hallagan and Jonathan Kelly for sushi today here in Boston. Both are doing well, but if you have not heard from them, that’s because they’ve been too busy making babies. Hallagan’s got a foursome, including a set of twins, and JK’s got three beautiful girls. Jamie Seppala was a no show today because he’s too busy eating Pat’s cheezesteaks somewhere. In any case, he’s got two great kids, so on average, we all have three kids. We are all waiting for Steve Shapiro and his family to move his hedge fund back to Boston to make us all happy and rich. In any case, we had fun swapping Warton Whar stories and pretending we were all still handsome and in shape. Also, we all had a great time at the Wharton 10th, and we are looking forward to the 15th!

Cary Pfeffer: Moving back to Boston after having spent 2 years in Paris. Taking a promotion at Biogen to the position of VP, Global Medical Affairs. Also Ruth (WEMBA ’97) and I just had our first child, Samantha Greta. All doing very well and very happy. We will be back in the Boston area in May of this year.

Chester Clark: This year will be my 9th year in the Fidelity Capital Markets division of Fidelity Investments. I am a manager and trader in the NASDAQ market making unit. Lots of happenings on the home front. My wife Madelana had our second child, a healthy and precious girl, Caterina, born January 25th. Our first child Joseph will be 2 on May 16th. Last month the family moved into a new home, our dream home, in Chester (no it wasn’t named after me), New Jersey that was 2 1/2 years in the making.

Julian Critchlow: Work should carry a health-warning. All those flights, hotel meals and late nights in the office are not good for your waist. Instead why not sign up for the London Marathon on 14th April 2002 and spend the dreadfully unpleasant British winter training for it? Only a lunatic would try that… which explains why I am running 26.25 miles for Diabetes UK on Sunday 14th. All donations welcome… all emails of support and news equally appreciated.

Colin Watts: My wife Auriel and I are living in Princeton NJ. I was recently named President of the McNeil Nutritionals Division of Johnson & Johnson. More importantly, our family is celebrating the addition of a third daughter in December, Spencer Elizabeth. This makes it three for three in the girl department proving that I lack a “y” chromosome. Life has been very busy but we’ve been finding time for some sailing, tennis and an occasional advisory session with fellow alums like Chris Malone and Steve Minsky. Watch for the Splenda brand of no calorie sweetener to take off like a rocket in the coming months.