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Recent Classmate Updates

Since November 2018, we’ve got new updates from Michael Luxenberg, Lee CanaanMiguel Osio, Bill Feingold, Jordan Foster, Muhammad Aurangzeb, Lorrie King, Chris Malone and Bret SewellCheck ’em out!

Recent Submissions

February 04, 2019 Arnould, Cyrille J

A pleasure to reconnect with Nori and his wife Noriko in London in February. The Kobayashi have now settled down in London where Nori leads a NEC affiliate. As for "moi", still running a fund investing in the development of renewable energy power plants in emerging markets. I am based in Luxembourg.

January 30, 2019 Sewell, Bret

I moved my family to the Netherlands for the 2018-2019 school year. William (14), Georgia (12) and Charlotte (10) are in international schools near The Hague having a great international experience. I'm planning to acquire a small/mid size company back in the U.S. and be CEO. I'm considering forming a Search Fund to support my search. Any Search Fund or PE folks out there who'd like to collaborate on something?

January 06, 2019 King, Lorrie

My husband, Edbert Morales, and I continue to live in NYC, however our journeys frequently take us on a visit to my mother's homeland Hawaii. We were fortunate enough to stay at Jane Page's home and meet up with Ben Bystom, at the U of Hawaii campus, & visit with his wonderful wife Maria in Waikiki. It was a nice relaxing respite from NYC. Workwise, for almost 4 years I've built SiO Beauty as a part of the incubator. It has been a delight to grow a seed of an idea as employee #1 of this team. I love growing and building startups and am embarking on wellness concepts next.